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The first night of the Democratic National Convention is behind us. For those not enticed by left-wing talking points, the two-hour event would’ve tested the limits to which they could’ve stayed awake under adverse conditions.

But a Fox News panel felt differently, at least regarding Michelle Obama’s speech excoriating President Donald Trump.


Per HuffPost:

“It’s very difficult to try to connect with an audience without an actual audience there with you but she has the ability to connect with people through the screen,” Fox News anchor Dana Perino said. “You got the sense when you talk about authenticity, she has it in spades.”

“She has that voice, she has clarity, and she knows what she is out there wanting to do,” Perino added. “She was trying to get everybody to really focus and then she had a call to action. Ask for your ballot tonight. I think that the DNC if they look over the course of the night, the first virtual convention of our history, I think they would say that Michelle Obama stuck the landing.”

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“She really flayed, sliced and diced Donald Trump, talking about the chaos and confusion and lack of empathy, especially coming from this president and from this White House,” he said.

Even conservative commentator Brit Hume echoed those sentiments though he added that Obama’s speech was “laced with distortions and exaggerations.”

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Interestingly, former DNC chair-turned-Fox News contributor Donna Brazile expressed disappointment with Obama’s speech for not referencing Kamala Harris.

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Keith Clark
Keith Clark
1 year ago

They really like “Big Mike”?
Must be his package…..

Cecelia Henderson
Cecelia Henderson
1 year ago

So sad to see FOX deteriorate before our eyes. To support a person and party that has lied to us for so long, refuse to work with the President to serve Americans, and know that Obama and his traitorous accomplices did to the in-coming President is beyond belief.

1 year ago

Nobody’s immune to backstabbers!