Photo edit of Tucker Carlson.
Photo edit of Tucker Carlson.

Cancel Culture

Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News host, is facing a potential backlash from cancel culture following the release of leaked footage from his show containing inappropriate comments. Despite this, his loyal supporters refuse to accept the left-wing propaganda machine’s role in the leak and argue that Carlson’s behavior was simply his usual charismatic self. Media Matters, a far-left “fact-checking” organization, has a reputation for closely monitoring Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, and other right-wing live streamers. They have kept a close eye on Tucker Carlson for years, and now that he has been ousted from Fox News, they believe they have an opportunity to take him down.

Media Matters’ efforts seem to be backfiring, as the leaked videos of Carlson fail to sway public opinion against him. Instead, many viewers find Carlson’s charisma and overall likability to be endearing and are even laughing along with him in the videos.

Leaked Footage

According to some, the leaked footage of Tucker Carlson released by Media Matters for America is a meticulously crafted, edited set-up to cast him in a negative light. While the organization’s left-leaning supporters expressed outrage over Carlson’s seemingly inappropriate “yummy” comment about someone’s girlfriend, Carlson’s fans were thrilled about the footage’s release.

During the leaked footage of Tucker Carlson’s show, there was a segment of dead air time that unexpectedly revealed him making an ironic gesture of flipping off Media Matters. He even joked about wanting to start his show off that way. Later, the footage showcased Carlson’s playful interactions with the production team, providing viewers with a glimpse of his behind-the-scenes personality.


Reactions to the Videos

Carlson supporters took to Twitter to mock Media Matters for attempting to damage Carlson’s reputation with the leaked footage, which his fans found to be enjoyable and endearing. Many expressed confusion over how Media Matters thought these clips would have a negative effect on Carlson’s standing.

In a video, Tucker Carlson can be seen playfully imitating the famous Bill O’Reilly dead air moment where O’Reilly exclaimed “F*** it, we’ll do it live!” after his teleprompter stopped working. Despite the video’s release, Carlson’s fans did not express any anger or disdain towards him and instead found the clip amusing.

Abby Grossberg’s Baseless Allegations

Abby Grossberg, a former Fox News producer, has filed a workplace harassment lawsuit against the network, specifically naming Tucker Carlson, after she was terminated shortly before Fox settled the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit. Following her firing, Grossberg threatened to release recordings from inside the network, and it’s speculated that the Carlson tapes are a result of this.

While some media outlets, including the New York Times, have suggested that Carlson’s termination may be connected to Grossberg’s accusations against him, Fox News has denied the allegations of “blatant” misogyny. It’s noteworthy that Fox News was the same network that terminated Carlson, implying that they are impartial in the matter. Consequently, it’s probable that Carlson’s dismissal was due to causes other than the Grossberg lawsuit.

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