In Michigan on Tuesday, as President Joe Biden made his way down the steps of Air Force One, he almost experienced another fall. This comes shortly after reports suggest the President has been doing balancing exercises and is swapping formal shoes for sneakers.

Opting for the shorter staircase as he arrived in Michigan to engage with auto workers, Biden, had a momentary slip but was able to avoid a complete fall.

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Observers noted he sported what seemed like sturdy hiking or work boots, offering more support than traditional dress shoes

At 80, the President has faced increased health issues, with previous incidents on Air Force One and other stair scenarios, including a notable incident involving a sandbag at the Air Force Academy. A recent report states that Biden suffers from severe spinal arthritis.


  1. Easy Fix ……….just have him slide down one of the emergency evacuation chutes that are used
    for emergencies……no worries……I’m sure his big plane has at least one that could be assigned
    to him!!!! The baby latter seemed a little awkward for him still…….of course there is maybe an
    escalator at tax payer expense to install???????. Just trying to think of options to get him in and
    out of his plane…..short of taking a bus…..

  2. As long as globalist puppet, god worshiping, chester biden continues to create his hell on earth for all good people, god will continue to bless him .

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