Audrey Hale edit. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Audrey Hale edit. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

The Nashville Police Department has reversed its decision to make public the manifesto of Audrey Hale, the trans school shooter who identified as a male and killed six people in March, including three children. The department stated that it cannot release the documents due to a pending lawsuit. The lawsuit filed by the Tennessee Firearms Association claimed that the police had wrongfully denied its public records request. As a result, the release of records related to the Covenant School shooting has been suspended until further direction from the court.

Some individuals speculate that the decision not to release the manifesto of the trans school shooter who killed six people, including three children, is a move to conceal a negative story about transgender individuals for political purposes. The belief is that if people were able to read the killer’s rationale for committing such a heinous crime, it would likely spark outrage.

Metro Nashville Police Department released a statement, saying:

“Due to pending litigation filed this week, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has been advised by counsel to hold in abeyance the release of records related to the shooting at the Covenant School pending orders or direction of the court.”

Media outlets have requested the release of the documents through freedom of information requests, but their requests have been denied. The shooter, who identified as a man, killed six people, including three children and three adults, at the Christian school during a time when transgender activists were angered by Tennessee Republican lawmakers’ actions. Tennessee lawmakers had introduced legislation to potentially ban gender-transitioning drugs and surgery for minors, as well as limit the presence of drag queen shows in public areas or areas with children. The actual cause of the shooting could be more definitively known if police would simply release records, said the head of the Tennessee Firearms Association, as the Daily Wire reported.


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