Credit: @happyjohny2/X.
Credit: @happyjohny2/X.

Philadelphia Retail Store Looting

  • Large groups, including juveniles, looted multiple retail stores, including an Apple store, LuluLemon, and Foot Locker.
  • 8-hour spree from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.
  • Police arrested 15-20 individuals, recovering at least 2 firearms, and multiple can be seen escaping with large bags of stolen goods.

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Major Police Response

  • Significant police presence on Walnut Street between 15th and 18th streets.
  • Police referred to the incident as a “coordinated attack.”
  • Police secured areas and locked down parts of Chestnut and Walnut streets overnight for public and property safety.

Looted Items & Arrests

  • Looters left behind Apple products due to anti-theft technology.
  • Other targeted stores included GameStop, Walmart, and a Family Dollar in West Philadelphia.
  • Northeast Philadelphia pharmacy reported theft of 40 bags of prescription medication.
  • Police are investigating a possible “caravan” of vehicles used for coordinated looting across the city.

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