Jim Greenhill from Arlington and Durango, USA via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump’s least favorite Fox News host is back to remind POTUS why he’s earned his ire.

Chris Wallace pointed out on air today that while former vice president, Joe Biden, faces allegations of sexual assault, so has President Donald Trump.

 The Daily Caller’s Justin Caruso reports:

“Let’s also be clear, President Trump is not- does not come in with clean hands on this either,” Wallace said on air in reference to the sexual assault allegation towards Joe Biden made by former staffer Tara Reade.

“There obviously have been a number of women who have accused [Trump] of sexual assault,” he said.

He continued, “So, I don’t know that people are going to be- that are upset by even the allegation of sexual assault will say ‘that’s it, I’m not going for Biden, I’ll go for President Trump instead,’ who has also denied similar allegations.”

Biden has strongly denied Reade’s allegation, saying in a TV appearance earlier this month that Reade’s account “never, never happened.”

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In recent weeks, Trump has ramped up his criticisms of Wallace and Fox in general.

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      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

      1. If they don’t get rid of this CNN wannabe then I am going to stop watching my favorite news shows

        1. the problem here is they were just that allegations.the difference is that those against trump was in his personal life while biden’s were while he is in a politician!has trump been found guilty of any of those allegations?are they going to investigate biden like kavanaugh?why i don’t think so!same ole hypocrisy!

          1. Exactly! Trump’s allegations were when he was a private citizen. Biden’s was/is a public servant whose inflated salary and opportunities to enrich his assets were paid for by the tax payer.

          2. The good news is that Wallace will face God in judgement. You see, Trump’s alleged sex activities were NOT forced on women, LIKE BIDEN AND CLINTON’S were. BIG DIFFERENCE.
            Wallace is evil. He does not pretend to report news. He tries to smear a conservative no matter who they are or what good they do.
            So what to do to Wallace? Try to find out who advertises on his cesspool of a program. Then call them and let them know you will not be “buying” their product.

          3. I believe Wallace is being a GOOD DEMOCRAT. —– HE IS LYING.
            Those who accused Trump, as I remember, did not ever accuse him of FORCING sex on them. Not so with Biden. And all the other Democrats in the nation.
            But then Wallace is not a NEWS CASTER. He is a flaming liberal, Democrat schill who puts out propaganda for his puppet masters.
            Chris will answer to God. Much sooner than he thinks. See. The corona does do some good.

        2. As the covid 19 takes hold, Chris Wallace will be grasping for air. And then he will plead for God to forgive him for his wickedness and his service to the elite ONE WORLD ORDER.
          “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap……”

      2. Chris Wallace, spawn of his similarly anti American kosher kommunist father, Mike, both trying to get prizes for attacking conservatives while leaving DemonCRAPS free to commit murder….

      3. I think normal democrats and I’m sure there many must be tired of hearing the sky is falling and all the doom and gloom. I think this election they will say ENOUGH it already happened in Calif in the special election this week 2 republicans won their races. Hopefully a look at what is coming.

        1. You are naive. You see, the voter fraud in 2016 was 8 million ballots. They thought that would be enough to steal the election. In 2018 they DID steal several elections in areas that were solidly Republican. No matter. They made sure that they had enough fraudulent ballots. This election will be worse. And the fake Republcians, like Collins and McConnell and Murkowski and Cornyn are doing NOTHING to stop it.
          ONE HOPE. Obey II Chronicles 7;14.

      4. Thank you for that….we need to bring Gods word back into our country..the evil Dems want us to turn our backs on the power of God…I for one, will never agree with that !

    2. No body cares what Chris Wallace says. He is a nobody and his time is running out o Fox because there is very few people that watch his show on Sunday. I sure do n ot.

    3. Star, whose opinion is that, no one that I know? I never watch him, if I’m watching FOX and he comes on as a guest I immediately turn the channel, will never watch him very bias and thinks he’s knows all but knows only negative against Republican and especially the best President in the history of this country. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had some really good Presidents but none since Reagan!

  2. We Americans are fed up with illegals ripping us off only to be released to do it again. I`ve got a small claims suit that I was awarded by the court.. Here is the forking joke $9,999.00 and now I have to go after it myself. I spent the money on court costs twice to get the person there only to get this mental placebo. Were tired of feeding these greasy bashtards and their families. Were tired of waiting in line behind them at the community hospitals. Educating their dumb hazzed kids is not what I pay taxes for. I believe all American tax payers which is only 49% of the population are fed up. What`s so important about giving away our hard earned money to keep illegals here. You dead beat Democrats can`t win an election without them. I submit we stop staying at home and stop paying taxes. Take back our country because our police force and military are behind the American people. It`s time to put you in jail along side of the people you let loose on the American people. FU.

    1. Dennis B Anderson
      Now according to the people who say where the money comes from and where the money goes in this USA, that would be the Government Accountability Office. Now they say that the illegals cost this USA nothing and add over $600 BILLION to the economy in 2018 the last record year, they also addover $30 BILLION to th Social Security Trust Fund, and about $50 Billion to IRS bank acount. Now the fact is to get on Social Services everyone has to produce a Certified USA Birth Certificate which must be verified by the issuing agency within 60 days, now to get aq Mandated Drivers License the one with the star in the upper right hand corner which is the only one taken fro identification purposes after January of this Year you also need to provide a Certified USA Birth certificate, againb which must be verified by the issueing agency within 60 days.
      Now regardless of what some say, Trump is the most disliked President by our Military of any President we have ever had. Now no Military is allowed to speak out anything aboutt the President of this USA, but in private conversations I hear it all the time, I live very close to 6 Military installations and those military come here to go to the beaches, and on fishing trips, and I also hear it from the people who serve thema nd take them on the trips.
      Now I do think according to the laws of this USA a person is suppose to break a law in place before being arrested let alone put in jail.

      1. Your ignorant, I was in military three decades, I got in trouble rightfully so, with army for mocking your Socialist God, Obama. That is and always was the rule about not being a critic of a presiding president, it did not just happen under Trump you ignorant nitwit. Half the military hated your comrade buddy’s laying ass, he depleted their equipment and strength . After we can home from the war your buddy f us at the VA, you slim bucket. You nitwit how do illegal immigrants add so much money to our country in taxes if they pay no federal income taxes. They cost well over 150 to 160 billion a year in services to survive here, thus they cost ten times more than their worth, your pushing leftest lies and bullshit. You don’t know jack shit about the military, of course there are a few nitwits like yourself, simple minded folks who allowed themselves to be brain washed by leftest propaganda daily news, but in the Military most members love Trump. Unlike your sneaky lying rat Obama, Trump improved their standard of living and opportunities you troll.

      2. Obama was detested by the military.he hated the military and the country by reducing our forces to pre–ww11 levels.Obama also said it wasn’t right that America be NO,1 in the world and should be equal to everyone else. Trump had to rebuild the military and countries respect us again Then he brought in 900,000 Muslims that gave us the likes of America haters Omar and Rashida Talib and seeded them throughout he country and they made Dearborne Mich,their capital.

      3. Total B.S. Illegal immigrants cost the taxpayer at least 200 billion a year. That does no include the cost of criminal activity including drug and human smuggling. Their kids a fully covered by the social safety net including food stamps and healthcare. You are passing leftist propaganda.

      4. Well that lie makes no sense at all. Those illegals that you say that are contributing sop much to our country, can’t contribute a damn thing that they don’t first take from us. Just like government that can’t give us a damn thing that they don’t first take away from us.

      5. How much do you send to youre home country…look at it again you have missed a VERY IMPORTANT FACT…you are mixing youre migrants…illegal aliens do none of the above mentioned by you…half truths only work on dumrats….get a clue

    2. Way to go Dennis, you hit the nail on the head. I cannot stand Chris Wallace and have never understood why Fox has him. I just do not get it. Fox has more then Chris who does Not belong. I agree with you 100 percent !!!!!!

  3. Were there women who accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment? I know he had relationships with many but not sure I heard of the harassment charges.

  4. Wallace is a TDS infested Chicom stooge who needs to move his a$$ over to the Commie News Network where he’d be a MUCH better fit.

    1. 100% correct, Wallace has been a Liberal POS for YEARS, I cannot stand to see or hear this TURD, he has NOTHING Positive about ANYONE on the Right.

      1. They are all parasites. Wallace being one of them. God forbid we ever get into another war and have to rely on these cowardly bastards.to protect our flank..Ever heard in times of war of having to kill some of your own. Good news is we dont have to claim any these cowards as comrades. Let them write their poison pen bs..We need to rise up and dont buy newspaper like New York Times and shut down television like CNN and MSNBC. **** THEM. WHO NEEDS THEIR SORRY ASSES

    2. I agree, FOX NEWS needs to rid itself of CHRIS WALLACE, he’s nothing but a liberal. GET RID OF Creppy Joe

    3. Agreed, just as bad as his father Mike. Arrogant as they come. I never watch his “show” anymore. He should join his fellow losers at CNN or MSNBC!!

  5. We would expect NOTHING else from Wallace, given his obvious hatred for our President! The thing is, the hypocritical Democrats were all over Kavanaugh because of the false allegations against him — obviously a set up from the start. And that was the birth of the laughable, women-who-hate-Trump “MeToo” movement, which also only happened because they hate President Trump, and will try anything to interfere with his Presidency! Their petulant temper tantrums will never end! Just imagine the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that will occur when he winds in 2020! Time to stock up on popcorn. 🙂


  6. I’m disappointed that Chris Wallace who I’ve considered a good news person for over 60 years of watching the news and making up my own mind, felt it necessary to point this out at this point in time certainly smacks of his political bias. Everyone heard this during the campaign. This was not done while in a high political elected position. Please let’s get on with what is important to saving our country.

  7. Wallace is creepy beyond belief. It’s amazing that anyone watches that opinionated (only HIS “definition” of facts) is important to him and he just goes on an on with that horridly boring voice! Kick him off Fox, immediately. Those two brothers, who run Fux, must be deaf, dumb, boring and absolute idiots!!

  8. I have a need to say this whether or not it would be about the President. Years ago I went back to chat with my pastor about something concerning the orchestra music. The secretary asked me to just leave the door open and go right in. After the meeting I left and asked the secretary why she mentioned to me to “leave the door open”. She told me that it was so no one could accuse the pastor of something. Hmmm. I am older now, an attorney’s wife, and am aware of many many scams. One big one is to accuse someone who is famous or has alot of money to be accused of something such as a sexual impropriate. It is most often cheaper to pay off the person and get an agreement of silence. This is what they want most often anyway. Remember Attorney Avenatti? Well that is what he was doing. He wanted many and used women to try to get it probably. In fact, one woman did say that he did not give her the money or something like that. Who knows what is true unless there is a court trial and witnesses. In Biden’s case, there was more evidence that just a accusation In our President’s case, who knows if that was not the same thing. Plus it was quite a while ago and he was NOT IN OFFICE. lAs my daughter says, “Some people are awful”
    Chris Wallace is a known disliker of Mr. President and he is very disrespectful. I personally find that totally awful. I do not respect him or is biased programming. He will never be his father. I hope he does not live in a glass house.

  9. Why Wallace thought it so important to attack Trump over this Biden thing is a mystery to me. Trump has not been attacking Biden over this rape accusation. In fact Trumps response has been he cannot respond to it as he doesn’t know all the facts. In fact he has said he wishhes Biden well.

  10. I agree, Wallace has always been biased against POTUS. The msm forgets that while Donald Trump is no angel, he didn’t do any of that while serving in elected office. Unlike Biden and other politicians. I was surprised ‘tho when the sound track was released where he said when you are famous, women throw themselves at you, you could do anything… Not that he did, but noticed you could take the offers. I was waiting to hear from the rock bands and groupies confirming what he said was true. But no, just crickets.
    Why else do you think women throw their underwear on stage and wait for them to go to the tour buses after the concerts.

  11. Wallace is just like his father a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If father was alive and doing news he would be a liar and fake news expert!

  12. Chris Wallace couldn’t wear his fathers jockstrap, much less fill it. Everyone knows he has a strange mouth, especially when he talks, and nothing but strange things come out. He must be sleeping with someone in the Fox News board room. Hmmm. His contribution to viewership, is the lowest on Fox. Go Tucker, Laura and Sean. And the other cutie at night.

    Wallace is the ONLY one on Fox, I never watch. He is a classic JINO. (Journalist in name only.)

  13. Let us be clear, Chris Wallace!!! You are a Trump derangement syndrome crazy person where our wonderful president is concerned. AND IT SHOWS!!! You are absolutely no good as a news commentator because of your massive bias against our President. You would be best served (and so would America) if you just found yourself some other kind of job – one not in the public. You harm America by bringing your massive, crazy unbiased opinions and views against our wonderful President. No one believes anything you say any more. You are like the little boy who cried wolf one too many times. So, the morale of the story is: even you did have some important to say, no one would believe you, because of all of your lies about our president. And, no I am not referring to any sexual innuendoes or other talk about any sexual issues about our president; I am speaking of your daily lies about anything you say about our president. You even lie when the truth is slapping you in the face. You are so trump deranged that you can do not less than lie, lie, lie. AND, we do not appreciate it!!!

  14. In a way Chris Wallace is a ME TOO He wants to be part of the Elite Media So he uses his valuable time: while the world is in a Pandemic we don’t know if we have a cure, People are suffering great econmomic heartship.Our Elderly and Infirmed are dropping like flies, A Cold War with China in brewing, the Dem. Presidential Candidate is bonkers, and who knows what Iran is up to. But Chris Wallace wants to score points with all the TDS’s and wasting our time

  15. Wallace won’t even make a spot as a turd quit watching him when he started running his mouth sounded like his dad

  16. I saw that headline, FOX News Star. I couldn’t believe they were talking about the dumbest reporter FOX News has, Chris Wallace. Why they keep him on the payroll is a mystery to me

    1. why they keep him on is because of the two brothers who just inherited fox news and thats why fox news has been changing for the worse the new owners are more liberal than the old owners

      1. ADD to them Paul Ryan, one of the biggest A/H that had been in our Govt! Please note I said 1 of the A/H s!

  17. I wonder why just before I flipped to this “Fox News Star” page that I knew it had to be Chris Matthews. I must be psychic. Or, maybe I was just being logical.

  18. Chris Wallace is at best a has been, really never has been worth anything as a reporter except for liberals.

  19. It figures commie Chris would pull his communist propaganda bullschitt!
    I don’t know why FUX keeps this scumbag on the air, his ratings like his content are in the toilet

  20. Why in the hell has Fox news kept this sick bastard around. You people are right, a pile of turds has more class than this Nanct Polisi fake **** head. I’ve always changed the channels when he comes on because he is more worthless tha the whole bunch at CNN. I will make it my goal to see that Fox gets rid of this two faced pole of **** and it is wayt past time. Come on folks lets show Fox what they don’t seem to have the sense to see. i WILL BE WATCHING oann FROM NOW ON UNTIL WHEY GET RID OF THIS STUPID JERK.

    1. Me Too.. Makes good sense to listen to unbiased newscasters like oann.. It is refreshing to see the truth instead of TDS opinions jacked up against Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump the world is watching 2020.

  21. the theme of the comments here is Correct. Wallace frames questions to guests in the most negative manner, deliberately showing his bias toward Trump as he does so. Fox viewers do not watch or record Wallace. He is anathema. He is not objective at all. WHY is he on Fox.?
    Please , Ruperts’ sons, let him go to fake news media. And please sent Leland Vitter, Gillian Turner and Eric [ saturday show ] with him. They are an insult to what Fox viewers
    come to Fox to hear. Is it not bad enough that all the Flynn and Mueller and Impeachment news have shown CNN to be an arm of the progressives? and totally unobjective. The herd mentality is a Democrat given. We do not need to see more of it on Fox.

  22. Please get rid of Chris Wallace. If I wanted to see what he says, I could go to MSDNC or CNN.

  23. By what imbecilic standard is Wallace “a star”. I don’t know anyone who is willing to endure him and his father was no better. Mediocrity must run in the bloodline.

  24. wallace is FAR from a star and one of the reasons Fox has lost me as a daily viewer. I will sometimes watch Carlson, Hannity or Ingraham but that is it. I use to watch Fox every morning and every night — not anymore. They need to hire more criminals like brazille to drive all the viewers away.

  25. Chris Wallace, as usual, overlooks (that means ducks) a few facts. The President (who’s doing one hell of a good job, by the way) has STOOD UP AND WAS COUNTED on all accusations. I believe, while I do not know, that our President has lived by the “norms” of our somewhat permissive society. He has been married three times, has children by each marriage AND supports his previous wives luxuriously. To my knowledge he has NEVER been accused of unsolicited advances and has survived the unrelenting antics of the (unprejudiced ??)press.

  26. Wallace was a critic of Trump as soon as Trump announced his run for the Presidency. He has gone out of his way to attack Trump throughout his Presidency. Wallace is a Democrat who allows his bias to show in his reporting. He has done more damage to FNC than any other reporter on FNC. His inability to achieve star status sticks in his craw and it is obvious in his reporting and his assumption that his biased views actually are relevant.

  27. Oh,oh here is again, the shameless self promoter. Just some friendly advice. Mr.Wallace find yourself another job on a liberal network. In all honesty, they’ll appreciate you a lot more than we do.

  28. Not only should they get rid of Wallass they should also get rid of all the other libs on Fox. I know that Ruppert Murdoch was a stanch Conservative but his sons who now are running Fox married two libs who will not open their legs unless their husbands hire libs like Ryan. I watched Liland Vittert who threw General Flynn under the bus on Sharan Breems night show and said “he is done”. I am not watching him any more. I think if we all find out who is a lib at Fox and stop watching them, Fox will get the message. I hate that ass hole Wallass who talks with a load of crap in his mouth.

  29. Sure would be wonderful to have as much water as Chris Wallace has beliefs about his own importance. I would have my own ocean.

  30. It is not true that chris Wallace accuses the President. The President didn’t abused his power to flirty young women and little girls like Biden did. Chris is the biased anchor who didn’t tell the true but twisted stories. His words are worthless gradually day after day now.

  31. Wallace misses the point. It is the double standard of the media. Trump along with Kavanaugh was labeled guilty of all accounts based on hearsay, remember the #MeToo. If a women said it happened than it happened, that was all the proof that the media and the Democrats needed. But in Biden case if the women said it happened well she is a liar. I guess the pictures of his constant groping is also made up. Now I don’t know who is guilty and who is not but I sure in the hell am not going to rush to judge as Wallace and the rest of the media does.

  32. Chris Wallace is Such a Dumb Ass that due to blind hatred for President Trump he will say or do anything to belittle the President.. It’s beyond reason that this hate blinded IDIOT is still on Fox when they know about his dislike for Prez Trump.

  33. Chris Wallace has earned a place in the “journalism” ethics basement. Specifically, the only allegation against Trump indicating force was a stupid and thoroughly debunked story about something that supposedly happened in Macy’s when and where it could not have happened. The charge against Joe Biden is thoroughly supported by events at the time it is alleged to have happened. The charges are in no way parallel. Chris Wallace is misrepresenting events in such a way as to create a lie. Wallace has become a Democrat shill and a disreputable liar.

  34. Someone should tell Wallace, that, back in the day, while Trump ‘talked’ about ‘grabbing p#$$¥’ in the ‘locker-room’ creepy uncle Joe actually ‘did’ it, so while Trump is ‘all’ talk, our ‘favorite hair-sniffer’ is clearly a ‘man of action’…

  35. Regarding: “Biden has strongly denied Reade’s allegation, saying in a TV appearance earlier this month that Reade’s account “never, never happened.””
    Consider the logic meaning of the double negative. Never happened means it didn’t happen. Never, never happened means it didn’t not happen. Converting that double negative to conventional speech without the use of the double negative results in: It happened, so technically Biden is using conventional (mistaken) understanding of the use of the double negative to hide the truth while telling the truth. I have seen the same strategy with Hillary Clinton. It is useful because she can’t be convicted in court with her words. They look for such ways to word things. It’s very caculated.

  36. Hey Wallace, President Trump and Biden are two different men. President Trump keeps his hands to himself, he barely touches his wife in public except a light kiss. Biden is constantly touching women on the neck, hair, lips, when hugging women he presses his body into them, etc., etc. and not just women. He seems to like little girls too. Women took a picture of Trump in Las Vegas gaming hotel and she claims a long affair and of course nothing is in the papers about a rich man and his long affair when the media follows him all the time even before he became president and the non media people knew his face too. His unknown to be a crooked lawyer gets Stormy a pro to claim sex with Trump and tries to get Trump to okay a payment out of campaign funds and gets told by Trump no, no, don’t take it out of the campaign money, go to my accountant and the money never got paid any way although the crooked lawyer sure got paid by his client who had to dance on tables for money to pay her lawyer which ended when the crooked lawyer suddenly got caught doing crooked stuff. A woman on an airplane sits down next to Trump and says I want to marry a rich man. He goes to the bathroom and she claims to the media he was after her. A man sitting across from them said she was lying, he got up ignoring her and goes to the bathroom and did not touch her. Another woman claims he put his hand up her dress in front of the hotel clerk check in desk at the elevator with no witness backing her up. Another woman said he followed her in a changing room in a classy department storm in NY city and tried to rape her but she got away. Any woman knows rich men send their secretaries to pick out a gift for a friend and classy department stores always have a clerk at the changing rooms so to get another size if needed. Rich people in courts with these women either win or end up negotiating a settlement to stop the crap. People like Trump are a little too busy to have four year affairs or roaming through dept. stores. If he wasn’t being pushed by his crooked lawyer to pay Stormy off as he became president he would have taken her to court like in other cases Biden does all his touching in public which his wife should tell him to stop or at least tell him he’s too obvious. Oh, also notice that every claim brought by democrat women against Trump as he was running turned up being friends of Clinton or were prostitute dancers from Mexico, etc., etc. And the business of putting the hand up their dresses out in public is a favorite accusation of democrats or hasn’t anyone noticed. Chris Wallace needs to stop comparing Biden to Trump as Trump doesn’t do touching out in the open while Biden does so how can Wallace say Trump’s sex accusations are true. Wallace is trying to take the no proof accusations of Trump and use them to take attention off of Biden Typical democrat technique. What they accuse others of doing is what they themselves are the ones actually doing, Wallace, get that. Oh, and the Billy tape was locker room talk and listen to Trump, he is saying being rich he could have whomever, well that is the truth about being rich man but when Trump gets out of the van Billy tells him to go ahead and kiss and hug the model and Trump stands there like a lump of coal with his arms straight down and turns sideways away from the girl. That was Billy trying to get Trump to touch the girl not Trump. Biden does not have to be pushed or told to kiss or touch women, he does it t on his own. Wallace, get the difference. Stop being a so obvious democrat and be a true reporter.

  37. I don’t like watching Chris Wallace….he just reeks of left-wing leanings. If he happens to pop up on a Fox News program, I immediately either turn the channel, or click on the MUTE button! I don’t see why this liberal leftie is on Fox News channel….he would fit in better at CNN or MSNBC.

  38. Biden should be in an institution and Chris Wallace is a prima donna living off of his fathers fame.


  40. Hey Chris Wallace..have you not ever seen the disturbing video of Biden standing behind a young girl and drapes an arm over shoulder and his hand lingers on her breast? She keeps brushing his hand away but slowly works it’s way back over her breast several times…and this is when he is standing with her family!!!
    That is only one out of many that shows something just ain’t right with him.. and Chris Wallace, I know you know this and your not commenting? Just SICK!

  41. Stopped watching FOX sometime ago because of the pieces of schitt they have now. I suppose Chris Wallace is the biggest piece left on the network. He and Shepard Smith were running close but with Smith gone Wallace takes the trophy

  42. Hey Chris, there is a difference between consensual sex and rape. So do not equate the President with Biden. What Biden is accused of is rape.

  43. Wallace is such a Democrat and worse. Too bad you are still on Fox, I turn you off because you lie and you are mean-spirited. Biden forcibly put his dirty fingers up that woman. That gives me the creeps. It should give anyone with a brain the creeps. Of course I have a high IQ. Wallace doesn’t go much above 80, sad.

  44. Chris Wallace is a number one Trump Hater and he has actually called PRESIDENT TRUMP a “Racist” on one of his broadcasts, which says it all. He should be removed from FOX NEWS immediately. Fox News has a new policy, where they keep the lying liberal hosts and the people turn to NEWSMAX TV as a replacement. That is exactly what my wife and I have done. I still watch Tucker and Hannity though.

  45. Wallace is a racist deplorable communist democrat nothing but a mfing punk
    He is absolutely sickening to listen to
    Fox you stupid bastardized program fire the lousy bastard

  46. Agreed to all your comments about Chris and immigrants, let’s pray we will all shut them up when the President win in November. God bless our country and protect our country from our enemies, and please God keep our President safe from all his enemies and haters, Amen!!!!

  47. Chris Wallace is anything but a journalist…..just an opinion-ist.I couldn’t stand him when he worked at other networks (ABC, I think) and was surprised Fox picked him up. He was the big loser in the debate and who knows, maybe his job.

  48. Chris Wallace is a complete jackass….just another evil, bias, liberal democrat….lies and fake news that is what our news networks and their so called reporters have all become….it is true propaganda not news….they only report what they agree with and anything that reveals how corrupt the democrats are, they totally ignore…all those news networks should lose their licenses because they are no longer reporting the news just their own opinions…Vote TRUMP 2020…


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