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Chaos at Project Veritas as Mass Layoffs Follow Controversial Leadership and Legal Concerns.

Mass Layoffs

Project Veritas is in turmoil after Hannah Giles, who took over as CEO in April of 2023, has laid off almost all the employees, leaving only 18 staff members, according to the Post Millenial. Layoffs include on-air talents and several other key members of the organization. The restructuring appears to be part of a broader agenda that is met with skepticism and disdain by insiders, who see it as a failure in leadership.

Another surprising aspect was how the news came out, as the official Project Veritas Twitter account (@Project_Veritas) randomly tweeted:

“SOS Hannah Giles just fired us all”

James O’Keefe’s Legacy and Exit

James O’Keefe, the founder and former CEO of Project Veritas, has left an indelible mark on the organization, yet his departure in April of 2023 has had far-reaching consequences. The circumstances surrounding his exit from the organization remain entwined with the current chaos.

O’Keefe was pushed out by the board of directors following a viral hit-piece on Pfizer allegedly conducting gain of function research, leading to Hannah Giles taking over as CEO. His exit was followed by a sharp decline in donations, causing financial instability within Project Veritas, something that many viewed as predictable, as O’Keefe was the biggest star of Project Veritas.

CEO Hannah Giles and Her Intentions

Giles took over as CEO following Project Veritas’ founder James O’Keefe being forced out, and Giles has allegedly taken a destructive path since taking control. Sources describe her as driven by revenge and being dishonest.

Her promises of bringing in donations have gone unfulfilled, and her approach has been labeled as fraudulent and misleading. She is also accused of undermining the company’s values by ceasing to protect journalists who have risked their careers for the organization.

Legal and Ethical Concerns

Project Veritas faces legal and ethical dilemmas under Giles’ leadership. A decision to no longer indemnify certain individuals may expose the organization to legal liability. There are also serious concerns regarding dishonesty and possible fraud in soliciting funds based on false claims. The organization’s integrity is being called into question, setting a dangerous precedent that threatens its very existence.

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