Photo edit of Tucker Carlson.
Photo edit of Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson, a prominent conservative figure and ratings powerhouse, made a highly anticipated return to the limelight, this time on the platform of Twitter. With the launch of his new show, aptly titled “Tucker on Twitter,” on Tuesday, Carlson resumed his influential role in media discourse. His departure from Fox News in April, where his prime-time program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reigned supreme in the ratings, created a significant void that the network has struggled to fill.

Fox News has witnessed a continuous decline in viewership since parting ways with Carlson, and their once-dominant primetime slot has transformed into an uninspiring and unmemorable offering since his departure. Despite the abrupt end of his tenure at Fox, Carlson remained resolute in his mission and promised to revive his show on the Twitter platform, even as negotiations for his exit from Fox were underway.

In his highly anticipated Twitter debut, Carlson delved into the ongoing controversy surrounding the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, vehemently denouncing it as an “act of terrorism.” The incident remains shrouded in uncertainty, mirroring the elusive nature of the Nordstream pipeline explosion, making it unlikely that the true culprits will ever be unveiled.

The catastrophic collapse of the dam resulted in the harrowing depletion of the Kakhovka reservoir and triggered extensive flooding in downstream regions. In response, both Russian and Ukrainian emergency teams mobilized on a large scale to evacuate affected areas. Meanwhile, the blame game between Russia and Ukraine persists, with each side accusing the other of orchestrating the attack.

Stating his perspective on the crisis, Carlson said, “Blowing up the dam may be bad for Ukraine, but it hurts Russia more. And for that reason, the Ukrainian government has considered destroying it.” He referenced a story from The Washington Post, describing tests the Ukrainian military had conducted on the dam.

With the narrative surrounding the dam’s destruction largely dominated by finger-pointing between Russia and Ukraine, Carlson challenged the prevailing consensus:

“When the facts start coming in, it becomes much less of a mystery what might have happened to the dam. Any fair person would conclude that the Ukrainians probably blew it up.”

In his unreserved critique of the American media, Carlson fearlessly expressed his disapproval of their tendency to hastily blame the Russians for sabotaging their own infrastructure. Moreover, he didn’t mince words when addressing prominent GOP figures, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, who engaged in war-hawking rhetoric against Russia. Carlson also directed sharp criticism towards former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, highlighting her unwavering support for Ukraine, despite Ukraine’s refusal to engage in peace negotiations with Russia. Many observers view Ukraine as actively prolonging the war, a conflict that has received substantial funding from the American government and NATO.

Regarding the media’s acceptance of narratives without thorough scrutiny, he said,

“Not only are the media not interested in any of this, they are actively hostile to anybody who is. In journalism, curiosity is the gravest crime.”

Assuring his audience that his show will challenge media orthodoxies, Carlson affirmed his commitment to platforms that uphold free speech. He concluded:

“As of today, we’ve come to Twitter, which we hope will be the short-wave radio under the blankets. We’re told there are no gatekeepers here. If that turns out to be false, we’ll leave. But in the meantime, we are grateful to be here.”

In a departure from his usual Fox News broadcast, Carlson’s Twitter video spanned only a total of 10 minutes and showcased a level of production quality that rivaled top-tier live streams. Remarkably, this video has already surpassed nearly 70 million total views, an extraordinary feat that would leave any live streamer in awe.

Moreover, it has garnered nearly 600,000 likes on the platform, further cementing its widespread appeal. The video’s format and platform may bear resemblance to a live stream, but its staggering viewership and engagement levels set a new standard, making it a remarkable success in the realm of online content.


  1. Great to have Tucker back and the truth about how our masters lie, cheat & steal from us.

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