Photo edit of Tucker Carlson. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Tucker Carlson. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

In a candid discussion on Russell Brand’s podcast, Tucker Carlson, a prominent television personality and former Fox News program host, recently made a striking admission. Reflecting on his past actions, Carlson expressed regret over his involvement in American politics in November 2022. His disclosure painted a picture of remorse, owning up to what he described as his ‘monumental error’ and confessing to his chronic miscalculations in predicting various state election results.

Carlson, in his own words, confessed:

“Well, I love Trump, personally. I mean I made a huge mistake last November in getting involved in American politics. Something I’ve never done before, in making calls [about who was going to win in various states.]”

He went on to express his lack of aptitude for political analysis and his disinterest in politics per se, saying:

“I was wrong on almost every call,” he said, further emphasizing, “I’m not a very astute political analyst. I’m not interested in politics. I never have been interested in politics. I’m interested in ideas. I’m interested in people.”

However, he refrained from making any forecasts regarding the upcoming 2024 election, and clarified that he had no intentions to comment on it.

Nonetheless, Carlson ventured to make a prediction about the historical importance of Trump’s emergence. He stated that future reflections on this era, a decade or so from now, would likely hail Trump’s rise as the most significant event in American politics in a century. He elaborated:

“I think we are going to see Trump’s emergence as the most significant thing to happen in American politics in 100 years because he reoriented the Republican party against the wishes of Republican leaders.”

While Carlson remained reticent about domestic political predictions, he voiced strong support for Trump’s foreign policy, particularly regarding the conflict in Ukraine. He singled out Trump as the only influential Republican who questioned the United States’ involvement in the ongoing Ukrainian war, casting aspersions on the Washington establishment for their opposing stance, saying:

“Trump is the only person with ‘stature’ in the Republican Party who has asked ‘why are we supporting an endless war in Ukraine?'”

In a surprising turn, despite his earlier resolution to maintain a distance from politics, Carlson expressed hope for both Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is currently challenging President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary. He acknowledged the difficulties they would face, but expressed optimism, stating,

“I’m hoping both Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are the ones to get their parties’ nominations, but I think it’s going to be ‘tough’ for them.”


  1. I have trusted in government, and before Biden I could. I dont trust our present leader ship, I feel the same as you. IT is a headache, but now is NOT the time to Back a way. I wear an armor suited up and ready to go VOTE! THe apostle Paul speeks of the prerpation of the gospel with your breast plate on. I see no way but fighting for GODS TRUTH. Our nation Was built on truth ALL men are endowed with freedon not given by man but God himself. Cant laydown my armor. Dont you do it !!

  2. As long as it’s Opinions in or about Politics, Free Speech should be at the “forefront” of Personalities bringing News, Thoughts, and Ideas to the American People so they can decide for themselves who and what to believe because the main stream media has a large voice and “Slanted opinions” that they profess as “Fact” without “Proof” in such a manner that it places doubt in the thoughts and minds of the lesser informed instead of Choices and Truth! Keep Swinging the Truth Tucker so Everyone has that Choice!

  3. RFK is not Left-Wing enough for the Democrat Party, nor can he be controlled like Joe Biden. I doubt he will get the nomination.

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