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There’s no debate that so far New York, and in particular New York City, has been the epicenter of America’s coronavirus pandemic.

For a time, it appeared that Florida might join its ranks as one of the hardest-hit states.

But that hasn’t happened. Deroy Murdock compares Florida’s conservative chief executive to New York’s liberal leader. When responding to the pandemic and protecting the most vulnerable residents, their decisions led to dramatically different results. (Fox News)

Any 10-year-old who has watched just five minutes of COVID-19 news would have learned one thing: Maximize the distance between this virus and the elderly. This typically frail population is COVID-19’s easiest prey.

Until Sunday, this most-basic lesson totally escaped Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., 62. But this warning propelled the COVID-19 response of Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., 41. Their divergent results are shocking: As of Friday, COVID-19 had killed 5,352 seniors in Empire State nursing homes. This pathogen had slayed 665 elders in Florida’s such facilities, despite its larger population.

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On March 25, Cuomo’s Health Department ordered nursing homes (NH): “No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.”

Despite this enormous, unforeseen challenge, how could Cuomo have gleaned nothing from COVID-19’s first U.S. target: the Seattle-area’s Life Care Center had suffered 37 early-outbreak deaths. This alone should have dissuaded Cuomo from unleashing these microbes.

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New York political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.


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      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

    2. The whole thing is a joke. Take the testing. Such a big deal??? Not at all. You can test today and get one result. Two days from now a different result. And what do you do with that result. They have false negatives and false positives. So if they tell you that you have it but you have no symptoms, do you stay home. Not if you are smart. And if they tell you you don’t have it but you are hardly able to breathe, do you go back home? No, you go to the hospital. So what does the testing provide? Ammunition for the Democrats to keep the nation locked down.
      What if the rates do go back up? We have the room in the hospitals now. Let the nation go back to work.
      Want to compare the 3000 dead in Texas with the hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs and are in line for free food? So what are they accomplishing? NOTHING.
      The only thing to do is shield the elderly and sick and let the rest of the country GO TO WORK. This was never about safety. This was about destroying the economy in order to take Trump down.

  2. Biden is a raging dumpster fire and the Democrats love him. Cuomo is a complete idiot and the Democrats love him. deBlasio and his wife cannot account for what happened to $900,000,000 entrusted to them. Alessandra wants to have JFK & LaGuardia closed down – no more air travel. Yet New Yorkers sit idly by and take it. Where I live if the mayor cannot account for what happened to tax payer money – they will go to jail.

    1. they’re getting exactly what they voted for!i have no sympathy for them! just the ones that died!

      1. They voted for socialism and communism since most of the yankees don’t want to work. And yes, they are planning on putting enough pressure on the Fed government and Trump to get a BAILOUT and lots of free money.
        What our nation is about to get is HYPER-INFLATION. The destruction of our dollar and our economy. This is so the ONE WORLD ORDER guys are able to take over,

  3. Cuomo was a disaster to the citizens of NY State and then you hsbr in the city of NY have a double disaster with the clueless and incompetent mayor! One thing might come out of it along with the criminal acts of Obama and his criminalizing federal employees, the lies and fake news from the main street media and the rag NY Times you might have a big disaster for the DemocRAT Party! I hhope it happens it would shake up the DemocRATS to start considering how to help the citizens instead of in slavery the citizens.

    1. Democrats “love” anything dumber or stupider than them. They play to those idiots so they can control them. All you have to do is examine the legislation Obama passed…stupider than dirt. Then Michele tried to shove Middle Eastern food down our American children’s throats in the public school system — which most of it went in the trash, not eaten. Duh.
      Why do you think dems “pretend” to support Blacks, Latinos? Because most of those races are not highly educated and easily manipulated with promises. Only now Pres. Trump has kept his promises and those two races are supporting him, not the Dumbocrats!
      Dems prey on the stupid like the cancer they are! VOTE them out in Nov 2020. They don’t deserve to be Americans or live in the Land of the Free ????!

  4. Until those who work for a living outnumber those who vote for a living by a large enough majority to counter voter fraud, WE ARE DOOMED!

  5. I have the following question. It was known early on (in Feb if not before) that the elderly were a premier target. Knowing this, a willful Cuomo sent diseased people to these homes. The question is why hasn’t Cuomo been charged with murder?

  6. Looks like the moron coumo took a page straight out of the CCP playbook!
    The CCP, Democrats, soros, Facui, and the WHO have murdered 307,159 human beings of which 87,503 are American citizens as of 20:30 hrs on 15/05/2020.
    This doesn’t include the millions of babies they have murdered with their abortions!

  7. Cuomo certainly has blood on his hands, as all the elderly in N.H./S.N.F. who died because Wuha vurus infected patients were moved in to the N.H., knowingly, under Cuomo’s order.
    Gruesome Newsom gave the same order here in California.


    IMO, it was deliberately intended to raise the Wuhan death rate artificially, so these leftist progressives could justify shutting down their states.

    Evil personified.

    1. AND far to many have stated all the green CRAP would be better off if more old people would pass. It would make their goal and the world a better place. Easy speak Thin out our population. NEVER EVER TRUST a DEMONRAT! LIke the bills nasty nancy keeps throwing out for us to accept? Waste of OUR money and SOMETHING SNEAKY she has in it! REmember their mantra MONEY GREED POWER CONTROL all with them in charge. Me thinks that NWO and Sorass would have their dirty fingers in there some where!

  8. Cuomo needs to be charged with murder for allowing people with the virus to go into nursing homes. He must want to get rid of senior population. Put him in jail.

    1. I wrote the same thing above. I followed that up with an email to the NY Attorney General to ask that same questions. I urge everyone to do the same. Killer Cuomo needs to pay for his crime.

  9. The answer is easy, Andy Cuomo is an arrogant, loud mouthed, bully. Who is to introverted to listen to anyone but his own opinion. This “F” up will, hopefully, be the end of his Presidential asperations. If that is true, these poor souls that he murdered will not have died for naught. God bless them and their families.

  10. As most of you have probably figured out already cuomo is NOT the brightest bulb in the chandelier. He just figures he can rule with an iron fist and whatever he says goes as long as his big NYC, Albany donors keep putting him in office to do their bidding. I’m not so sure they even cared what happened to the elderly with all the talk about anyone over 50 should just grin & bare it and take their chances with the virus. It is way past time for NY to get rid of the demoSCUM stronghold they hold in NY and new blood needs to enter the picture(Conservative Blood). The illegal loving, corrupt do as I say- not as I do moron mayor of NYC needs to hit the bricks leading out of NY right behind his butt buddy cuomo. They should be followed closely by schumer,gillibrand,nadler and many more demoSCUM who have been ripping off New Yorkers for a whole lot of years.

  11. At least the Democrats are not discriminating based on age. They are killing the aged and the unborn. Who votes for this behavior?




  13. From the decisions that Cuomo has made it is obvious that he is trying to cut the operating costs of the state of New York. By forcing homes for the elderly even when they have been diagonosed as having the Communist Chinese Corona Virus his plan is to reduce the numbr of people being cared for in State run elderly care centers. The savings in food alone will be more than enough to fund more of his pet projects like the LED Light Bulb company that died and many others. Add this tot the cost of the Ventilators that he got from the Federal Government instead of spending his own State budgit money on will provide additional funds to feed more of his stupid project like provide Free Stuff to Illegal Aliens. Thank you Gov. Cuomo for all that you have done for the Citizens of New York.

  14. Look at who their “hero” is…Ted Kennedy..the Lion of the Senate. HE’S A MURDERER!!!! He is a coward who let a young woman drown to death in his car. He did nothing to try save her. THAT is their hero. So why would they change their standards now? Cuomo is a murderer Hillary is a murderer…Bengazi, Obama…Fast and Furious. If it wasn’t for low standards they would have no standards at all. And they love to punish our true American heros. Keep cleaning that swamp Trump. Thank God for Trump.

  15. Our system is broken, all these peoples who killed others are running around free, and all the democrats who are corrupted to the core, they all need to be jail. They broke the laws and they gotta pay the crimes!!!

  16. Cuomo is the same age as my wife and I. I graduated from an university here in the Midwest, my wife attended the same university for two years. Even we know these pandemics like the Wuhan virus, pneumonia and the various strains influenza strike the elderly and persons with underlying health problems disproportionately hard. Maybe that’s not something you learn in those fancy elite schools.

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