Congressman Ryan Zinke was Seal Team Six's commander. The Navy's current recruitment tool is a slap in the face to veterans of the U.S. Navy. Alexander J. Williams III/photo edit/Pop Acta

Representative Ryan Zinke, a former Navy Seal and Task Force Commander of SEAL Team Six, has dedicated his life to serving his country since 1985. He began his career as a Navy SEAL officer and has since been elected twice to represent Montana in the House of Representatives. Furthermore, President Trump appointed him as Secretary of the Interior.

During his time as a Navy SEAL officer, Mr. Zinke spent countless hours around some of the toughest men in the country. He served as the leader of SEAL Team Six, which is the Navy’s most elite unit for hostage rescue and counter-terrorism. The team is best known for its successful raid in 2011 that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden.

However, Congressman Zinke is now concerned that the honorable legacy of SEAL Team Six and the U.S. Navy is being destroyed by the woke military under President Biden’s watch. As a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy, he is disturbed by the actions being taken to undermine the team’s reputation. The Navy is renowned for its toughness, and Congressman Zinke finds it unacceptable that its legacy is being dismantled.

American Action News obtained these exclusive comments from Congressman Ryan Zinke:

“It’s infuriating and is exactly the reason that morale and recruitment are at an all-time low. The Biden Administration has completely destroyed our war fighting capabilities.  We have no PT standards, the Secretary of the Navy thinks climate change is the Navy’s top threat, and now drag shows?  Give me a break.  No wonder we have a recruiting problem.  Meanwhile, China is doing literal laps around Taiwan and waging psychological warfare against the USA.

Many of the young people who join the military are the sons and daughters of service members.  They join for the community and the culture. The woke garbage is displacing many of the reasons these legacy military families are drawn to service in the first place.”

Drag Queen Recruited As Navy Digital Ambassador

The U.S. Navy employed Joshua Kelley, also known as “Harpy Daniels,” a drag queen influencer, as one of its “digital ambassadors” to enlist new members. According to Breitbart, Kelley participated in the Navy’s ambassador program from October 2022 to March 2023. Although Kelley had previously performed as a drag queen, his role as a digital ambassador gained more public attention this week after a video of him went viral on social media, which sparked controversy as many questioned the motives behind this recruiting strategy along with many questioning, they’ve taken a hyper left-wing approach.

The Navy defended the pilot initiative, stating that it was designed to reach a wide range of potential candidates as the Navy faces its most challenging recruitment environment since the start of the all-volunteer force. The pilot program has ended, and the Navy is currently assessing the program and how it will continue in the future.

Robert O’Neill Blasts Navy Drag Queen Recruiter

The Navy’s drag queen recruitment method is a slap in the face to every soldier that ever served.  China and Russia are laughing at the United States because of this tactic.  A strong President is needed to replace Biden who is caving in the leftist approach.  The recruits who are looking to join the U.S. Navy are not looking to be coddled.  They are looking to become warriors.


  1. again, there are commie democrat marxist fascist racist woke lying pedophiles destroying America for the money they get from china

  2. Yes Sir, Obiden and company have been doing everything they possibly can to destroy any and everything that this country founded upon, including our Military. It’s a down right shame!!!

  3. Our military is run by civilians, if the GOP doesn’t like the disrespect shown to the Navy, do something about it.

  4. “The recruits who are looking to join the U.S. Navy are not looking to be coddled. They are looking to become warriors.” – precisely.
    Our military wears Uniforms, not costumes. Our service men and women are not Entertainers. Clowns and entertainers wear costumes.
    Too many childish adolescent brain-dead idiots are running loose. Perhaps it should be remembered that children should be seen and not heard.

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