Kevin McCarthy Presents Shocking Evidence For The Launching Of A Biden Impeachment Inquiry.

House Initiates Biden Impeachment Inquiry

  • Family’s Foreign Dealings: McCarthy referenced the House Oversight Committee’s discovery that President Biden misled Americans about his awareness of his family’s overseas business affairs. Evidence suggests Biden conversed about these affairs with his family on multiple occasions, contrary to his claims.
  • Financial Dealings: Bank documents show about $20 million was funneled to Biden’s family and associates via shell corporations. Investigations unveiled that Biden-related businesses benefited from ventures in Romania and China, with numerous family members, including his grandchildren, receiving payments.
  • Suspicious Transactions: The Treasury Department identified over 150 dubious transactions concerning the Biden family. Reports from 2022 highlighted several questionable financial activities involving Hunter and James Biden, including considerable wire transfers.

Other Noteworthy Findings:

  • An FBI source claimed both the President and his son got $5 million as bribes each.
  • Communications from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that then-Vice President Biden shared government data with Hunter through private channels. Emails suggest intimate involvement in governmental decisions.
  • McCarthy hinted at favoritism by Biden’s administration towards his family in legal investigations, suggesting a potential abuse of power.
  • McCarthy asserts these findings indicate corruption and misuse of authority. He mandates a thorough investigation via an impeachment inquiry for President Biden, with a focus on transparency and fact-finding. The probe will be spearheaded by House Oversight Chairman James Comer, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith.
  • McCarthy’s closing statement emphasized the importance of public office integrity, urging President Biden’s collaboration for the sake of transparency.


  1. While I’d prefer to see both Biden and Trump voluntarily withdraw from the 2024 Presidential Race, the charges that Trump committed treason by exercising his first amendment right to challenge dubious results of the 2020 election are a far greater cause for concern. Having expressed doubts myself, if the weaponized government wishes to charge me with the same offense, I will hire no attorney, but will only say that my concern for the future of our Constitutional Republic outweighs any concern of being prosecuted or incarcerated for speaking out against what I believe are abuses of power by politically motivated bureaucrats.

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