Doubts about 80-year-old Biden’s mental fitness have risen among Democrats, with a shocking percentage of Democrats considering him too old, as Trump leads in multiple head-to-head polls.

Concerns Over Biden’s Mental Fitness Growing Among Democrats

  • A recent Harvard/Harris poll conducted from September 12-14, 2023, reveals that concerns regarding President Biden’s mental acuity are rising, even among his own party.
  • 58% of Democrats still believe Biden is fit for office, a noteworthy 42% think he is too old to serve as President.
  • In comparison to a July survey, there has been a 7% increase in Democrats expressing doubts about Biden’s mental state. Across political lines, a striking 90% of Republicans and 75% of independents concur that Biden is too old for the role.
  • A total of 2,103 registered voters participated in the poll. Of these, 69% felt that Biden is showing signs of age affecting his capacity to lead, while only 31% thought otherwise.

Trump Outperforms Biden in Head-to-Head Poll

  • The same Harvard/Harris survey indicated that if elections were held today, former President Donald Trump would defeat Biden by a margin of four percentage points.

Trump Disagrees with Age-Related Criticism

  • Despite the mounting concerns, Donald Trump does not attribute Biden’s perceived shortcomings to his age.
  • In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Trump claimed that age isn’t a definitive factor for competence.
  • Trump cited Winston Churchill and other leaders who were effective even in their 80s, arguing that Biden’s challenges stem from incompetence rather than age.


  1. Biden has Alzheimers, and they are covering it up. Everyone is making a ass out of him, and the guy is sick. What a shame to do this to someone.

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