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Romney’s 2024 Decision

  • Sen. Mitt Romney, 76, (R-Utah) confirmed he won’t be running for re-election in 2024.
  • After a quarter-century in various public service roles, Romney emphasized the need for younger leadership to shape the future.
  • He pledges to continue his duties as a senator until January 2025, focusing on Utah’s interests and national issues.

Criticisms of Biden and Trump

  • Romney highlighted three global challenges: rising national debt, climate change, and the rise of Russia and China as ambitious authoritarians.
  • He criticized both Presidents: Biden’s “feel-good” approaches to climate change and inadequate military investments, and Trump’s denial of global warming and neglect of international alliances.
  • Both leaders, Romney remarked, are driven too much by politics, hindering the solutions needed.

Background and Criticism of Trump

  • Romney, once the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee, has been a known critic of Donald Trump.
  • He was among the few from his party who voted to convict Trump in both impeachment trials.
  • Romney first became a senator for Utah in 2018, and there has been speculation about his political future, given his open disagreements with Trump.


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