Photo edit of Sen. Joe Manchin.
Photo edit of Sen. Joe Manchin.
Senator Joe Manchin passed on a typical Independence Day celebration for hobnobbing with billionaires, sparking whispers of a possible third-party presidential run in 2024.

Manchin Mingles with Billionaires

  • Senator Joe Manchin was spotted at an exclusive party held at Lally Weymouth’s residence, the heiress to the Washington Post. Despite his earlier statement about celebrating Independence Day among fellow West Virginians, he opted for a lavish celebration in the Hamptons, rubbing shoulders with America’s affluent community.
  • Among the attendees were Julia Koch, one of the richest women globally, Apollo Global Management CEO Leon Black, lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, former governor Andrew Cuomo, and a host of influential figures.

Possible Third-Party Candidacy

  • Speculations suggest that Manchin might consider a third-party run for the presidency in 2024. While he hasn’t officially declared his intention, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility either.
  • In a significant move towards this potential aim, the centrist political group No Labels is working on a $70 million project to gain ballot access in several states. It has already made headway in Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon.

Involvement in No Labels

  • Manchin has a close association with No Labels, a group known for soliciting support from major Republican donors, including the late David Koch, former AIG head Hank Greenberg, billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer, and others.
  • There are also reports of Manchin attempting to utilize No Labels’ influence to sway Senator Roy Blunt’s stance on a January 6 Commission.

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