Photo edit of President Biden.
Photo edit of President Biden.

In a confidential session, Devon Archer, an ex-business associate of Hunter Biden, informed the House Oversight Committee that President Joe Biden engaged in numerous conversations, over twenty, with his son. The bipartisan committee is probing into accusations of foreign business engagements linked to the Bidens during Biden’s vice-presidential tenure in the Obama administration.

Archer, a business entrepreneur who co-founded Rosemont Seneca Partners alongside Hunter Biden, addressed questions regarding potential conflict of interests, especially concerning Hunter’s membership on the board of the Ukrainian energy corporation, Burisma. The committee requested Archer’s statement to inspect possible unethical actions or influence transactions associated with President Biden.

According to Archer, discussions with President Biden revolved around ordinary subjects, such as “the weather.” Nevertheless, a significant number of Republican committee members suspect the Bidens might have participated in influence transactions.

The Biden administration has repeatedly dismissed any assertions of international business dialogue between the President and his son. Archer offered his testimony under immunity, referencing a duty to the public.

The Daily Mail reports having materials from Hunter’s laptop and subpoenaed records implying potential breaches of foreign influence laws.

Critics of President Biden might assert that he misrepresented his awareness of his son’s overseas business interactions, possibly misusing his vice-presidential authority for personal benefit or posing a risk to national security. If validated, these could be grounds for impeachment. Impeachment, however, requires a House majority and a two-thirds majority in the Senate. Although mere conversations do not indicate misconduct – the substance and situation are key. If substantial misconduct or violations of public trust are demonstrated, this would likely constitute an impeachable offense.

Apprehensions have been expressed regarding potential obstruction from the Department of Justice (DOJ), who have called for a prison sentence for Archer concerning an unrelated fraudulent scheme not connected to Hunter Biden. Some conjecture that this action could be a scheme to discredit Archer and shield President Biden, as the potential crimes become more pronounced.

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