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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell faced a hostile reception during a speech at the Fancy Farm picnic in Kentucky, where jeers and chants of “retire” drowned out his words. This event occurred just days after McConnell froze midsentence at a public event, raising concerns over his health. Watch the clip below:

The 81-year-old Republican began his speech with positive cheers but was soon overwhelmed by an angry crowd shouting phrases such as “Shame on you,” “Ditch Mitch,” “Retire,” and “Lost the Senate.” Despite the antagonistic reception, McConnell continued with his speech without acknowledging the crowd’s hostility, and he brushed aside concerns about his health, saying, “This is my 28th Fancy Farm, and I want to assure you it’s not my last.”

The jeering crowd was reportedly filled with Democrats, and video footage captured the intensity of the booing, rendering McConnell’s speech barely audible. Though McConnell remained focused on his script and did not address comments made by former President Donald Trump, the ex-president took the opportunity to criticize McConnell over the weekend, labeling him as “perhaps the worst leader in the history of our country running the Senate.” Trump also commented on McConnell’s recent health concerns, describing the Minority Leader’s freeze-up as “sad.”

McConnell’s recent health challenges were further highlighted by an incident on Wednesday, where he lost the ability to speak for about 30 seconds during a news conference, leading to new questions about his fitness to serve. This incident comes after a fall on March 8, which left McConnell with a concussion and broken rib, and a subsequent slip and fall in Finland in February.

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