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Twitter has slapped Townhall senior columnist and prominent criminal defense attorney Marina Medvin with a temporary suspension for having the audacity to criticize presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Medvin replied to a Tweet from One American News Network correspondent Jack Posobiec juxtaposing Biden’s vocal Catholicism with a story detailing his decision to sue the Little Sisters of the Poor. Again.

The Post Millennial has more:

Medvin replied to OANN anchor Jack Posobiec’s tweet of the story, saying “WTF is his problem? What kind of person sues nuns?! I can’t stand this creep. Between the sniffing and the suing and deceit – there is nothing worthwhile. He’s a completely worthless human being. Trash, decay, scum. He brings with him nothing but sorrow and theft. Ok rant done.”

For this, Twitter determined that she violated the platform’s (highly malleable) rules.

Medvin told The Post Millennial that the article “exposed Biden as a two-faced liar,” and in fact her comment “didn’t threaten Biden, it didn’t harass him, and certainly I was not abusive.”

Tweets about Trump are routinely extremely abusive. When his younger brother recently died, a hashtag sprung up on the platform saying that the wrong Trump had died. Users on the platform called for the president’s death.

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When asked if Twitter should be transparent in their political endorsements, Medvin said that “Twitter is already transparent as to their endorsement of politics: they jumped on the neo-Marxist BLM train immediately and still haven’t gotten off. They’re still represented by a black banner and black bird, indicating simpatico support for the group that’s rioting, looting, burning, and attacking. This is who Biden supports. It’s a simple deduction from there.”

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