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In Washington DC, students as young as 5 years old are being fed terrorist propaganda.

Parents reacted with shock and horror. Some of them had Pre-K children who attended an “antiracist fight club presentation with Doyin Richards.” Principal Danielle Singh informed parents that their children would be attending these radical indoctrination sessions and reading a so called “fist book.”

The book is designed to teach students “how to deal with racism from loved ones.” The book directly tells these children not to listen to their family members. “Even though they love you and are older than you, they can be wrong.” It teaches children prejudice and double standards such as the following quotation: “If a Black person says something mean to a white person, he has no power over him. It’s as if white people walk around with an invisible force field because they hold all of the power in America.”

Two parents posted the following on a parents only online message board:

“Anyone else’s Kindergarten kid freaked out by an anti-racism assembly today? My kid needed to sleep with a light on and the door open tonight. Anyone know what specifically was talked about? My kid couldn’t relay much except that she was scared.”

“As far as I’m concerned, all this serves to do is other-ize the POC [people of color] they love and look up to, assign guilt where none should exist on a child, and divide another American generation along lines of color.”

Doyin Richards, the man behind this scheme, charges $15,000 to $20,000 for a session of indoctrinating children. He asserts that only white parents can be racist and would have your children believe that. He also insists that students have a “BIPOC mentor” and that students need to fight to get police out of schools and end standardized testing.



  1. Get Thee Behind Me Satan ! People That Can’t FORGIVE.. Will Perish! Not My Words… BUT GOD’s Words !

    1. Reminds me of books that unwar is passing out to palestian children, how to kill the Jewish people. If you have ever seen videos of a very young girl praticing using a fake knife to prove what they are learning. All this crt and ‘anti-racist’ garbage is getting closer and closer.

      1. Just take a watch at how the American taxpayer funded Sesame Street is remade not only in Palestine, but throughout the Middle East.

      1. Actually, Jesus IS God! Read the first few verses of the Gospel according to John (the 4th book of the New Testament).

  2. Wellll, isn’t he the pot calling the kettle …..! I didn’t want to seem racist.

    1. The truth does hurt print it again and again . He is not a pot calling a kettle black and seems too stupid to know the truth . He is a socialist calling a communist a dictator .

  3. This is ridiculous! Who would pay that racist jerk fifteen cents to terrify our kids! He should be in jail, not spouting racist sewer water! The parents need to do all they can to protect their kids, since the schools and the teachers won’t! Teaching USED to be a noble profession, now they are hate mongers, gay and tranny perpetrators!

  4. You know folks, I never cared that you were gay, until you started shoving it down my throat.
    I never cared what color you were until you started blaming me for your problems.
    I never cared about your political bent until you started condemning me for mine.
    I really never even cared where you were born until you wanted to erase my history.
    Then YOU blame my ancestors for YOUR problems.
    I did not care your beliefs were different than mine, until you said mine are wrong.
    You have a perfect record of 100% failure of your religion, education, culture and beliefs.
    You want ME to support YOU because you made the decision to be ignorant, slothful, and inconsiderate. You like socialism/communism/Catholicism because your parents were of the same failure as you are, and now you are too lazy or ignorant to change and become AMERICAN.
    My patience and tolerance are gone. I am not alone in feeling like that. There are millions of AMERICANS that feel the same way. My ancestors came from another nation. They abandoned their failed religion, failed education, failed culture and became AMERICANS.
    They believed in the Constitution of the USA. NO CATHOLIC is an AMERICAN, they are
    CATHOLICS, and failed forever. Look south of the USA for proof. An entire continent, all CATHOLIC and exactly 100% FAILURE.
    Vote for ANY CATHOLIC, or ‘woke’ or anyone that does not believe in the Constitution of the USA and you vote for a traitor and failure forever.
    F J Bidet, Pelosi, AOC, McConnell, Buttking, Kerry, Murkowski, Cheeney are all of the CATHOLIC TRAITOR BUNCH. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for failure forever.

  5. “He asserts that only white parents can be racist and would have your children believe that.”

    Would bite me’s disinformation board even consider looking into this guy spewing lies and racist hatred?

  6. Parents really need to be aware what is being taught to their children. Why would they want their young kids attend such virulent indoctrination ? These dogmatic racists have to be exposed, so that parents are informed and can make the right decision. Public education in America has declined into indoctrination and no more educational.

  7. Young parents are only now learning about the dangers of Communism. Look up articles about Hillary’s connections to Communists which go back to her college years. She’s so demented.
    And Obama joined the Marxist Club at Occidental.

  8. Who joins the Marxist Club in college? Very few – but Obama was one. And Hillary also was mentored by a Communist in college. Joe is just a loser who flunked out of one law school.
    He probably STILL does not know about either Obama or Hillary’s pasts. I doubt he ever uses the internet.

    1. He wouldn’t remember anyhow lol
      He has to be led everywhere so he doesn’t get lost.
      Hitlery has always been a Dictator at heart and Billy was paid hundreds of thousands for speeches in Russia , They also reciever millions from Russia in donations to their pay to play umm I mean the Clinton foundating’s charity — that no one evr got anything from besides them and her daughter.

  9. So, here’s the problem in living color. These gutter rats are coming out more and more ever since we had a Black, NON-AMERICAN pesident who continually pushed the racists agenda to divide our country and he is definitely behind the scenes with Biden. The black left extremists, along with support form Nazi extenders like George Soros, are now publishing these kinds of book to indoctrinate our children as young as 5 yrs of age. this is how Hitler did it and people like Soros know the play book inside and out. Want to get rid of this cancer? Get rid of people like Soros.

  10. And with this racist, sexist ‘woke’ agenda we wonder why we are having so many social problems with children for MHL, sucides, drug overdoses under the age of 12

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