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Conservative education leaders and staunch proponents of parents’ rights vehemently dispute First Lady Jill Biden’s statement designating President Biden as “the education president.” In her speech at the NEA teacher’s union’s annual meeting in 2023, Mrs. Biden extolled her husband’s supposed dedication to education and the influence of educators. Yet, Sheri Few, the President and founder of United States Parents Involved in Education, vehemently countered this notion, labeling President Biden as the most anti-parent education president in our nation’s history. Critics assert that Biden’s education agenda leans heavily towards left-wing ideologies while blatantly ignoring the valid concerns of parents.

This wave of discontent emerges in the wake of a disconcerting report highlighting a significant slump in reading and math scores among 13-year-olds, hitting their lowest ebb in numerous decades. Critics directly attribute this worrying decline to the protracted school closures strongly advocated by President Biden, causing severe disruption to children’s education and their overall development.

Erika Sanzi, from Parents Defending Education, berated Biden for siding with teachers’ unions and the administration’s unfair criticism of parents who dared to express dissent over specific curricula, crediting these factors for the plummet in educational standards. Dr. Jameson Taylor from the American Family Association accused Biden of prioritizing contentious ideologies such as critical race theory and transgender issues over essential academic subjects, thereby risking students’ safety.

While some might be swayed by Jill Biden’s depiction of her husband as the “education president,” the sharp drop in academic accomplishments and the serious concerns voiced by education leaders and parents’ rights advocates bring this narrative into serious question. These elements paint a picture of stark divergence between the grand rhetoric surrounding the Biden administration’s education policies and the harsh reality faced by students and parents on the ground. Such blatant disregard for parents’ rights and children’s education is bound to stoke the ire of many mothers across the nation.


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