President Biden faced another awkward moment during a United Nations event, first by bumping into a giant Brazilian flag, and later seemingly snubbing Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s attempted handshake.

(Watch The Viral Video Below!)

Biden’s confusion began when he walked into the Brazilian flag on stage and struggled with his translation device headset. President Lula repeatedly asked if Biden could hear him, causing visible frustration in Biden.

Screenshot of video. Credit: @Alex_Oloyede2/X.
Screenshot of video. Credit: @Alex_Oloyede2/X.

After their joint speech, Biden shook hands with International Labor Organization Director-General Gilbert Huongbo, but ignored Lula’s extended hand, instead waving awkwardly and saluting before leaving the stage. Lula appeared visibly irritated by the apparent snub.

Following the incident, Biden pledged to strengthen the United States’ relationship with the far-left Socialist leader, with a large focus on green energy transition.


  1. The man is a babbling imbecile! If this was any Republican, they would have got rid of him a long time ago! The imbecile is a national disgrace!

  2. The Marxists must be so proud! He is such a Douchebag, a completely mentally deficient, socially diseased, morally corrupt excuse for a human being. That said, most Democrats fall into that descriptive category. of

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