Biden’s Age and 2024 Viability

  • Rising concerns among Democrats about President Biden’s age and potential candidacy in the 2024 election.
  • If Biden was to win re-electon, Biden would conclude his second term at the age of 86.
  • Sharon Sweda, Democratic leader in Ohio, reflects common voter concerns stating that at Biden’s age, the threat of passing away is more pressing, as she said “death is imminent” for the aging President Biden.

Sharon Sweda’s Insights

“He is in a period of his life where passing and death is imminent.

Adding, “We are all on a ticking clock. But when you’re at his age or at Trump’s age, that clock is ticking a little faster, and that’s a concern for voters.”

White House Response

White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre would respond to the claims, saying:

“I can speak to that – a president who has wisdom. I can speak to a president who has experience.” Adding, “I can speak to a president who has done historic – has taken historic action and has delivered in historic pieces of legislation. And that’s important.”

Polling On Biden’s Age

  • 73% of voters are seriously concerned about his age affecting his physical and mental competence, while 76% are worried about his ability to serve another full term, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.
  • Concerns about Biden’s age understanding the next generation’s concerns stand at 72% for those under 65, dropping to 57% for those 65 or older.
  • Possibly as a result of Biden’s age and the lack of enthusiasm surrounding his 2024 campaign, Republican and Republican-leaning voters (71%) are more motivated to vote in 2024 than Democratic-aligned voters (61%).
  • Most Democratic voters (67%) feel it’s very likely that Biden will be the party’s nominee, but the same percentage wish for someone else to be the nominee.
  • There’s no clear alternative candidate to Biden among Democrats.
  • In a hypothetical rematch, Trump and Biden are almost evenly split among registered voters.


  1. Age is not the problem; mental capacity is. Some people are fully capable in their 90’s while others like Joe Biden have lost it long before that. It has nothing to do with age and I am tired of hearing that as an excuse. I know people with mental problems who are only in their 40’s while others never lose their mental capacity.

  2. Note the speaker had to include Trump who seems in the pink of health and competent. One casn see Dem skulls mulling over the Obama card and what a horror that would be. Voters have to remember the 4 yrs of DJT and how much better they were/ Now problems abound and many will see only Trump with God’s and a Congress of Pubs can aid our legal citizens.

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