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Former President Trump Stuns By Opting Out Of The Second GOP Debate In Favor Of This Shocking Move.

Trump’s Decision to Skip Debate

  • Former President Donald Trump opts out of the second Republican presidential debate.
  • Instead, he plans to visit Michigan’s striking autoworkers, showcasing his support for them.
  • Trump previously missed the first debate, and during that time, he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on the platform X, formerly called Twitter.

Trump’s Michigan Connection

  • Trump’s visit to Michigan is slated for Sept. 27, coinciding with the debate scheduled at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.
  • Trump emphasizes his alignment with the “forgotten men and women” of the working class.
  • Trump had earlier visited places affected by industrial decline and other crises, like East Palestine, Ohio post a train derailment.
  • Despite criticisms, Trump has considerable backing in Michigan, being recognized by the Oakland County GOP as its Man of the Decade.

Reactions and Controversies

  • Ammar Moussa, representing Biden’s campaign, criticizes Trump’s approach towards Michigan workers, emphasizing Trump’s policies that allegedly favored the rich. This has long been a claim made by the left and the Biden campaign, however, it’s largely without substance, and now 3 years into Biden’s presidency there is no evidence that Jeff Bezos or other mega-rich multi-billionaires are paying more in taxes – as Biden has claimed they would.
  • The United Auto Workers and Detroit’s major carmakers are in ongoing negotiations to end a current strike.
  • UAW’s Dave Green questions Trump’s credibility with organized labor, suggesting Trump’s visit aims to gain votes and sow division, although he would go on to add:

“We just want the president to know, if you’re going to make promises, you gotta keep them.”

  • Trump warns of electric cars shifting production to China and criticizes the leadership for not supporting him.

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