Photo edit of President Biden and the U.S.-Mexico border.
Photo edit of President Biden and the U.S.-Mexico border.

Soaring Border Crossings: Rising migrant numbers strain border facilities and raise questions about Biden’s immigration policies.

Soaring Border Crossings

  • Border facilities are overwhelmed by the influx of migrants.
  • Between Friday to Monday, there was an average of 9,000 daily immigrants entering through the southern border.
  • On Monday, this figure was over 9,700.
  • The highest daily recorded crossings were slightly above 10,000 prior to Title 42’s repeal.
  • Many believe President Biden’s lax policies have spurred the immigration surge.

Recent Immigration Trends

  • The Biden administration had reported a 70% decrease in illegal entries post the repeal of Title 42. This Trump-era order blocked asylum seekers due to COVID concerns.
  • However, the numbers have increased again, attributed to expanded legal entry pathways and the weather becoming conducive for migration.
  • Notably, a freight train carrying large numbers of immigrants was seen in Mexico, heading to the U.S.

Challenges in Darien Gap

  • The Darien Gap, a challenging forest and swamp pathway between North and South America, is witnessing an unprecedented rise in immigrant foot traffic.
  • The annual count has surged from hundreds to an anticipated 400,000 in 2023. Despite the journey being lethal for many, aids from volunteers and NGOs are simplifying their passage.
  • Independent journalist Michael Yon highlighted the shortened routes but emphasized the persisting dangers.


  1. This is just another screw up by the Biden Admin. He is really selling out this country. He wants the United States to be a third world Country in the worst way. He is Obama on steroids’. I hope people wake up is see you got what you voted for. The collapse of the economy is his next great action. JUST WAIT!!!!!

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