Photo of the "Mama Bears" advocacy group. Credit: Family Foundation Organization.
Photo of the "Mama Bears" advocacy group. Credit: Family Foundation Organization.
The Forsyth County School District in Georgia will pay over $100,000 in legal fees to the Mama Bears group after violating their First Amendment rights by banning them from reading sexually explicit material during school board meetings.


The Forsyth County School District in Georgia has agreed to pay a settlement of over $100,000 in legal fees after violating the First Amendment rights of the Mama Bears group by banning them from reading sexually explicit material during school board meetings. The group claimed that their First Amendment rights were violated and filed a federal lawsuit, which they won with the help of the Institute for Free Speech. The FSC will pay the Mama Bears’ attorneys $107,500 and nominal damages of $17.91 to the plaintiffs. 

A senior attorney at Institute for Free Speech, Del Kolde tells Fox News Digital:

“Fee shifting is an important feature of our civil rights laws; and successful plaintiffs who are able to show that government officials censored them are entitled to having their attorneys’ fees paid by the wrongdoers, just like for any other form of illegal discrimination. We hope that school-board members and their lawyers take note.”

The court also issued an injunction barring the district from prohibiting anyone from reading or quoting from books or written works available in FSC libraries or classrooms during public-comment periods at school board meetings. The case is part of a broader trend of parents challenging controversial material in schools, and serves as a reminder of the importance of fee-shifting in civil rights cases.

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The lawsuit arose after Mama Bears member Alison Hair attempted to read from Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” during a school board meeting, upon publicly reading the line:

“I know that you give someone a blow job by putting your penis …”

Hair was interrupted and would end up being subsequently banned from further meetings until she complied with board policies, despite reading books that are allowed within the school district. The Institute for Free Speech filed the lawsuit on behalf of Hair and the Mama Bears, and a federal judge ruled in their favor, finding the FSC’s public participation policy unconstitutional and ordering them to end Hair’s ban and pay legal fees.

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The Mama Bears case is part of a broader trend of parents challenging progressive curricula and controversial reading material in schools. School board meetings have become contentious battlegrounds between parents and officials, reigniting debates over the role of parents in their children’s education.

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The FSC has since caved, and revised its public participation policy, removing language that required speakers to be respectful and prohibiting individual addresses or boisterous behavior. The settlement underscores the importance of fee-shifting in civil rights cases and serves as a reminder to government officials to respect citizens’ First Amendment rights.


  1. Someone in the school district needs to be fired and those who knew about it ahead of time should be sent to jail so they can think through their stupidity. You can run, but you just can’t hide.

  2. Good for the mothers. That board didn’t want to hear that crap they wanted kids to read. A much of brainwashed idiots. You wanted those books now you have to hear the disgusting words that you threw at kids. Why are adults on school boards just plain disgusting.

  3. Way to go Georgia Mama Bears!! You gals please continue your fight against these total morons and idiots on these ignorant dumba** school boards!! The knowledge they have about raising children correctly is below the number 0. Sue the he** out of them again and again and then vote their sorry a** out of office and throw them in jail for child abuse!!

  4. School Boards are elected by the taxpayers, and they answer to the people who put them there. They are not the boss, and they need to remember who they serve, and it isn’t the teachers union.

  5. This same thing is happening in Anchorage, Alaska. Here is an article showing that:

  6. This is a huge movement across America to change our culture by the Wokeists. Here is another example of the same thing happening in Alaska:

  7. My question would be: How can you possibly leave you children in the care of, and for their education, people who are that morally obtuse ?

  8. The SCHOOL SYSTEM has been taken over by the DEVIL. GET your kids out of public SCHOOL SYSTEM. WE conservative people need too stick together and stand against the evil ones.

    Note: Dont feed the bad system cut off all money and no kids to brainwash.

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