Photo edit of Dr. Fauci. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of Dr. Fauci. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky told Congress that guidelines surrounding masking recommendations for children “doesn’t really change with time.” Stating that she will continue to recommend masking in areas where COVID-19 is spreading, This will include children as young as two years old.

Throughout her reasoning, and while taking time to attempt debunking a scientific study, a review published by the Cochrane Library, which looked to determine the effectiveness of masking, Walensky neglected to state evidence of masking being an effective way to stop the spread of COVID – and, as we know, the COVID-19 MRNA vaccine didn’t stop mitigate the spread of the virus either.

Simply, at this point, the CDC has leaned on shooting down scientific studies that don’t hold up to arbitrary standards, however, they’ve provided no evidence of their own that masking two-year-olds is an effective way of ending the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

According to the newly released review published by the Cochrane Library, which contained 78 controlled trials to determine the effectiveness of masking, their findings point towards common masks having “little or no difference” in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Walensky would go on to say:

“Our masking guidance doesn’t really change with time — what it changes with is disease… So, when there is a lot of diseases in the community, we recommend that those communities and those schools mask. When there’s less disease in the community, we recommend that those masks can come off.”

Walensky’s response went over poorly for many Twitter users, as they’ve grown tired of COVID-19 charades of masking, “trusting the science,” staying up to date with their boosters, and cheap vaccine cards. Now, two years later, the fear of COVID-19 is exhausted, and people’s frustrations are boiling over.

“So, still relying on the bogus study co-authored by not-a-doctor Ferrer’s staff and her not-a-doctor daughter?” Red State Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar tweeted.

The study provided in the link was the main study used by the CDC, which they used to their benefit on the basis for school mask mandates, as it was conducted in part by Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer’s daughter, who does not have a doctorate, and is not a medical doctor.

The CDC gave less consideration to the Cochrane Library’s scientific research, which contained the findings from 78 controlled trials, and decided to pick holes in it – all while they were perfectly content with going off of the findings of a nepotism-rich study conducted by a colleague’s daughter.

Nonetheless, the CDC preferred study pointed towards masking being highly effective for stopping the spread of the virus – but what else would you expect when it was conducted in part by Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer’s daughter?


  1. Walensky is continuing the communist inspired Idiocy of mask mandates for kids. Masks give nearly zero protection and are actually detrimental to children, even increasing suicide rates.

  2. Follow the science,as Dr.Fraudci says, masks don’t do a darn thing to help.In other words they are useless, how about stopping the charade,People are fed up with the lies,and bs we are fed.The CDC talks out of both sides of their mouth, and were supposed to believe them,not

  3. Masks are useless,like dr.fraudci and other scientists, have said,CDC has been wrong the whole time, and most people won’t trust them,they have been lying about covid all along.

  4. Someone please remove this woman from her position. Better yet, rebuild the CDC from the ground up. They have zero credibility after the covid debacle. I don’t know any mother that masks of gives their children the jab because neither is necessary or is effective. Never thought I’d see the day when we’d see doctors and scientists NOT follow the science and trying to force the general public to listen to their garbage recommendations.

  5. Even though it’s shown to be useless we will make you wear them. All children even the newborns! Right from the womb into a mask. Who knows what viruses they caught in the womb! We are right and you mean nothing and know nothing!
    Signed: the Government.

  6. tired of those who belittle and hate….making a 2 yr old mask up is absurd; making adults wear masks has been buttressed against fears which are not upheld by scientists and physicians…they know masks are generally ineffective

  7. This nut job is having butt sex with Dr fauci and Pete budapag and all three should be put to death for treasonous acts of murdering over a million people it is time to elect new people that know about diseases and not this artificial Democrat communist snowflakes

  8. Liberals want little kids to wear masks and starve their brains of oxygen so more of them will grow up to be Democrats.

  9. So they issued a mandate? So what? Ignore it and override it. If they can’t tale it drastically cut their funding. It should be cut anyway for what they’ve done. I mean really, one would think they’d be able to follow the science.

  10. The teachers union, one of the most powerful and corrpupt, are mandating masking along with this woke agenda on LGBT, BLM indoctrinating our children instead of teaching. I don’t care what you want to identify as but you leave it at the door and focus on learning. Sad when this country will be run by those who don’t know what gender or species they are

  11. Typical. Appointed government officials telling us what to do when elected representatives have directed otherwise. A perfect example of how and why our system of government is messed up. Democrats are OK with that until a Republican or Conservative tells us what to do.

  12. Are we as Americans going to keep standing by and letting these uneducated people keep running our lives? Who do these people think they are?
    Their bogus college education means nothing to us, only to them.
    It’s time we take OUR Country back from these Idelic Communists and get back to running our own lives and get this Chinese style Government impeached for treason, tried, and hung for their ruination of America and it’s Citizens!

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