Covid-19 Mask Hanging From Street Sign.
Covid-19 Mask Hanging From Street Sign.

Multiple Areas Across The U.S. Reinstate Protocols as COVID-19 Levels Tick Upward: Will We Make The Same Mistake Twice?

Reinstated Protocols: Morris Brown College, located in Atlanta, has proactively reintroduced several safety protocols. Despite having zero COVID-19 cases on campus, the college is mandating:

  • Face masks for students and employees, excluding staff in private offices.
  • Physical distancing.
  • Ban on large events and gatherings for two weeks.
  • Isolation, quarantine procedures, and contact tracing.

Lionsgate’s Response to Covid Spike:

  • Lionsgate, the Hollywood film studio, known for blockbusters like John Wick and The Hunger Games, has reinstated its mask mandate.
  • Employees are now required to wear “medical grade” face masks in the LA flagship offices except under specific conditions, such as being alone in a closed office.
  • Daily self-screenings are mandated and employees are to stay home if they exhibit symptoms or have recently traveled internationally. Contact tracing is being reintroduced and at-home test kits are provided as needed.
  • This comes after several employees tested positive for COVID-19.

Covid Situation in Los Angeles:

  • Although Los Angeles County officially ended the state of emergency for COVID-19 in March, there have been recent outbreaks at various events and places, including the Fox show “The Masked Singer” and Warner’s Culver City offices.
  • The Department of Public Health noted small increases in cases but maintained that the overall metrics remain low in terms of concern.
  • The Los Angeles Times tracker reported a 29% increase in hospitalized cases in California over a 14-day period.
COVID-19 Lockdowns: Key Impacts and Changes in 2020

Voting Methods:

  • Substantial increase in mail-in voting due to virus-related health concerns.
  • Many states expanded mail-in voting procedures, eliminating need for specific excuses.
  • Suspiciously High Voter Turnout as a result of a shift towards mail-in voting and early voting.

Economic Impact:

  • Business Closures: Significant impact on small businesses, especially in hospitality and tourism. Many suffered heavy losses or bankruptcy.
  • Job Losses: Unemployment rates surged in many countries due to business disruptions.
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Global trade affected, impacting availability of goods and leading to inflation in some sectors.
  • Decreased Consumer Spending: Reduced incomes and uncertainties led to a spending decline.

Mental Health:

  • Isolation and Loneliness: Increased feelings of loneliness due to prolonged isolation, especially among the elderly.
  • Anxiety and Stress: Rise in anxiety levels due to virus concerns, future uncertainties, and lockdown challenges.
  • Depression: Noticeable increase in depression cases during lockdowns.


  • Disrupted Learning: School closures affected student learning outcomes; adaptation to online classes became necessary.
  • Increased Educational Inequality: Unequal access to online learning resources exacerbated educational disparities.
  • Social Development: Children lost vital social interactions normally experienced in school.

Drug Abuse:

  • Rates skyrocketed during COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • Continued rise observed post-lockdowns.

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