Governor-Elect, Lt. Governor-elect and Attorney General-elect of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares respectively in November 2021 via Wikimedia Commons.

Winsome Sears is the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. She is a veteran of the Marine Corps and she is dynamite. She is bringing the veteran mindset to education as she battles the teacher unions. At CPAC on Thursday, she tore the teacher unions apart.

“Too many politicians are listening to teachers unions. Teacher unions are just about the money, just about the dues. They don’t care about the kids. They just care about the dues. And we need to stop catering to them. There are stats to show us by the time a kid goes to college, 65% need remedial education. We are paying for it twice. In school when they should’ve had it and when they go to college for remedial training.”

Nation’s Report Card Shows Drop in Reading and Math

School choice is the new Brown vs. Board of Education. Parents have the responsibility for educating their children. They should decide where their children go to school. This is the new battle.

In Northern Virginia, there is a little boy with Down syndrome. The public school where he is zoned won’t allow him to attend this school just because he has Down syndrome. Instead, Fairfax County has said that the parents need to bus the child nearly one hour away where he will be educated in strictly a special education environment instead of in an inclusive, mainstream school. The parents are battling Fairfax County for school choice for their son. They battle not only for their child, but for the other children who are discriminated against. It’s despicable.

In Brown v. Education, students of color fought for the right to go to school with everyone else. They were discriminated against because of their race. In Brown v. Education, they fought for the freedom of choice to attend school. Now, we must fight for those same rights.

Multiple Virginia High Schools Attempt To Hold Back White And Asian Students

“The philosophy of the classroom is the philosophy in the government.”- President Abraham Lincoln

Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears is so dedicated to school choice that she stated, “If I have to lose the next election so that kids can get a better education, I’ll do it. Education of children is more important than some seat in government.”


  1. The Department of Education should be abolished! Hopefully, it’s abolition will be a part of the GOP platform in 2024. The department was a “gift” from the Carter Administration. Facing Ted Kennedy in a tough 1980 primary, Carter acquiesced to the Union’s demands and authorized creation of the department. Carter desperately wanted to be reelected. He knew that without the Union’s support, he would likely not be renominated. The nation was being hammered with killer inflation and 20% interest rates. Carter knew that creation of the department would essentially challenge the constitutional authority of the states. How it has survived this long is puzzling.

  2. Good for the Lt. Gov. She’s right, and most parents know it. The schools now days are only interested in their so called “equity”. This could well be the start of the end for public schools, and with what’s going on in those schools, they should be closed down.

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