CPAC 2023. Credit: CPAC.
CPAC 2023. Credit: CPAC.

At the CPAC panel “Some Tough Mutha,” speakers including Abby Johnson, Sandy Rios, former Planned Parenthood director Penny Nance, and Kimberly Fletcher discussed differing views of human dignity between the left and right. They argued that the left’s view revolves around money, position, and worth, whereas the right believes in human dignity as coming from God and being created in His image.

During the panel, Nance and Johnson discussed the expansion of medically induced abortions, which can cause potentially extreme side effects and abort fetuses up to 16 weeks old. They described the gruesome reality of a largely formed baby being passed due to these drugs, leading women to question how to dispose of the remains, leaving these women tp contemplate baby should be treated as common garbage and discarded, flushed, or potentially buried.

The panel questioned whether these practices constitute “progress for women” and asserted that they offer no benefits beyond immediate relief of responsibility for the woman who helped create the child.

The panel also criticized the choice to name transgender individuals as “women of the year” and to opt to hire mentally unwell men who identify as “transwomen” for roles that they believe should be occupied by women, calling it sexist.

The speakers also discussed the sexually-based material being taught to primary school children, including kindergarteners, about transgender ideology without parental consent. They argued that this issue is one of the most significant political challenges facing the United States, with large parts of the population complicit in subjecting children to such education.

Finally, the panel discussed how they believe post-Christian nations often turn satanic, arguing that the United States is a Christian nation and that the country has become more satanic as it has moved away from Christian values. They cited the practice of abortion as a barbaric ritual of killing offspring that has been embraced for decades.

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