ScrCPAC 2023: Credit: CPAC.
Screenshot from CPAC 2023: Credit: CPAC.

During CPAC 2023, Marjorie Taylor Greene delivered a speech that tackled issues typically avoided by other Republicans. Greene emphasized that protecting children should be the responsibility of Republicans, and pointed out the unnecessary foreign wars and the growing trend of providing transgender surgeries and drugs to minors as some of the most pressing issues that right-wing Conservatives and Republicans can fight against.

Many Republicans are currently pushing for war with China and Russia while also supporting non-conservative ideologies, which threatens to harm the conservative movement. Greene believes that the biggest lie is that children can change their gender and that the billion-dollar medical industry targets minors. She cited cases of children as young as 11 years old receiving synthetic testosterone and teenage girls having their breasts removed.

In response, MTG has proposed the “Protect Children Innocent Act,” which would make it a felony to provide transgender care to minors. This legislation did not pass in the Democrat-majority House of Representatives, but Greene hopes to change that in the Republican-led Congress. She argues that medical professionals should not be able to profit from mutilating the bodies of minors, which often leaves them unable to reproduce.

Greene also spoke out against foreign wars that do not benefit Americans, particularly our involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. She believes that Ukraine needs to find peace, and hopes that no more American dollars or lives will be lost in the region. Greene emphasized that her most important accomplishment was becoming a mother, which she values even more than being a Congresswoman.


  1. i like this woman–i would vote for her in a minute. you know the only reason we are helping ukraine is because bejing biden wants to protect his money interest. LGB!!

  2. Finally someone in the GOP grew a pair and said what many people believe. It is about time the GOP stopped cow towing to the DEMOCRATES and grew a pair. GOD BLESS Marjorie Taylor Greene. I hope she does well.

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