Screenshot from CPAC 2023: Credit: CPAC.
Screenshot from CPAC 2023: Credit: CPAC.

Currently, Americans are struggling to make ends meet, leading to a sense of unease across the nation. This is a stark contrast to the Trump presidency, during which the economy flourished and prices for goods remained low.

According to Gates, he is the only Republican who refuses donations from lobbyists and political action committees. He reports to the American people, not corporations or foreign interests, unlike most other politicians.

Gates’ primary concern is that omnibus bills address too many unrelated issues, resulting in “woke” agenda politics being approved alongside essential farm aid and other legislation. He aims to eliminate all omnibus legislation and have House Representatives vote on each piece of legislation separately.

It’s time to move past “low energy Paul Ryan” and neo-Conservatism, according to Gaetz. The new generation of Trump loyalists, including Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Matt Gaetz, should be the Republican Party’s ideological leaders moving forward. Gaetz believes that moderate politicians should be replaced.

Gaetz concluded his speech by endorsing Donald Trump for president in 2024.


  1. RNC Reforms:

    Hire New Blood
    Go Hi Tech
    ballott harvesting
    Early voting
    Less campaigns
    Outreach more
    Hire new RNC boss
    Or lose 2024

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