CPAC 2024. Credit: CPAC.
CPAC 2024. Credit: CPAC.

During her appearance at the 2024 CPAC, Lara Trump, who previously served as a senior advisor on her father-in-law’s presidential campaign in 2016, spoke out about transgender issues in modern America. Specifically, she addressed the sexualization of children and the unfairness of biological males competing against women in sports. Lara Trump believes this issue will become more significant in the future due to the education system’s failure in many Democrat-run cities to meet basic reading, writing, and mathematical proficiency standards.

According to Lara Trump, the issue is one of good versus evil and is driven by globalist forces. This differs from the approach of some conservatives who merely dismiss Democrats as “crazy” for their political ideology. Lara Trump also emphasized the importance of empowering women to break out of the box that Democrats have created for them.

She went on to call for a meritocracy where women can succeed based on their abilities rather than through diversity hires aimed at political messaging. Lara Trump argued that children should be taught to work hard and take advantage of opportunities in the United States rather than seeking equity.

In conclusion, Lara Trump criticized President Biden for his lack of public appearances during his 2020 campaign, which she believes was aided by biased media reporting and consistent attacks on Donald Trump. Lara Trump asserted that if Trump had won the election, America would not be facing the challenges it currently does.


  1. I agree, and in fact, we did not face these self-inflicted challenges when Trump was President/

  2. She is so right! I would be insulted to be hired or chosen based on my heritage or skin tone, rather than my ability!

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