Photo edit of Donald Trump at a MAGA presidential rally. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of Donald Trump at a MAGA presidential rally. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

“Fake News,” a term coined by President Trump, has been replaced in the conservative vernacular dictionary with “Woke” and “ESG.” These words are used heavily in conservative circles and were in full play during CPAC in DC this month. This article will dive into what “Woke” and “ESG” are.

The Woke Culture
The term, “Woke” has been around for the past few years but is coming out stronger as conservatives go on attack against liberals. It is used to alert one to injustice and discrimination in society, to a point when that alert goes backwards. The woke culture is a culture that goes against conservative values. Examples include allowing boys to use the girls bathrooms or compete in women’s sports. The woke culture caters to students who believe they are a cat, or a “furry.” Woke culture allows the people who are “furries” to dress like cats in school and use litter boxes in the classroom. And yes, this has happened across multiple states. The woke culture has infiltrated our military and taken over the governance of businesses.

What in the world is ESG?
The term, ESG, was first coined in 2005. Though this term came into origin 18 years ago, it is getting louder. It stands for “Environmental, Social, Governance.” states that “ESG provides a view of a company and its long-term value potential and relevance to its stakeholders. An ESG rating measures environmental and social impacts and the effectiveness of corporate governance in managing them. Organizations create ESG strategies to help them act on and measure what is mutually good for profits, people, and the planet.” Yet, it has caused massive layoffs and confusion of the natural order of our American culture. It goes against the ideals that our country was founded on. If you don’t possess ESG skills, you risk losing your job. Period.

ESG is woke in and of itself. It’s backwards and counterproductive. It’s what caused Donald Trump Jr.s bank to cancel is business relationship- just because of his last name. Not because he actually did anything. PNC Bank used ESG to cancel this relationship simply because of Mr. Trump’s last name.

ESG and Woke are strong words. They cause and uproar and get the conservative party riled up – rightly so. With Fake News, wokeness, and ESG, we MUST fight to return to our treasured American values of freedom, liberty and independence.


  1. I can’t believe Americans are so stupid that they have been brainwashed by the socialist/commie agendas so easily. I absolutely thought we were more intelligent but clearly not. And the libs think conservatives are so “uneducated”.

  2. The only way to get America back from these freak creature communist pedophiles is a war the Americans against the Democrats let’s take our America back and get rid of all Democrats

  3. The stupids are taking over this nation faster than I possible, and it all boils down to the far left marxist idiotology that was being pushed by obuma starting in 2009. His “fundamental” transformation of America is now widespread and is as damaging as it is dangerous.

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