Photo edit of President Biden.
Photo edit of President Biden.

New Challenges for Biden in 2024 Based on WSJ Poll Findings: Are Democrats Turning On Biden?

The recent Wall Street Journal poll paints a concerning picture for President Joe Biden as he looks towards a potential 2024 re-election bid. The poll’s revelations center around age perceptions, mental fitness, and comparative achievements, all of which could play a pivotal role in the upcoming electoral cycle.

Age as a Dominant Issue

  • A significant 75% of polled voters opine that at 80 years old, Biden might be too aged for a second term.
  • In contrast, former President Donald Trump, who is only three years Biden’s junior at 77, concerns just 47% of voters in terms of age.
  • Most alarmingly for the Biden camp: two-thirds of the Democrats, the President’s own party, echo the age concerns.

Mental Fitness in Question

  • Only 36% of respondents regard Biden as mentally fit for the presidency, a statistic that will likely be exploited by opponents.
  • Trump fares better in this arena, with 46% of those polled deeming him mentally competent.
  • The 10% disparity could further erode confidence in Biden’s leadership capacities, irrespective of political achievements.

Battle of Accomplishments

  • Biden’s achievements as President resonate with just 40% of respondents who believe he has a robust record.
  • Comparatively, Trump’s first term garners a 51% approval rate in terms of accomplishments.
  • This 11% difference suggests voters might favor Trump’s previous leadership over Biden’s present term.


  1. While IMO it is past time to pass on the legislation of laws to the younger generation The best way Biden can get elected is to have Trump in the courts! So the Republican primary voters vote with their emotions NOT FACTS [backing the persecuted underdog] and eliminate the better /younger candidates. So Biden can say again [like in 2020] “Don’t judge me against the almighty, judge me against the alternative” and WIN!

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