Photo edit of failing grades following news that American children are under performing in schools. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of failing grades following news that American children are under performing in schools. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

A decision by a Massachusetts school district to eliminate advanced math classes in the name of equity has sparked outrage among parents. The move, intended to increase enrollment of low-income students, has instead limited access to advanced math. The concerns raised by parents and educators details the negative impact on students and the inequities created by the decision. Freedom is found in students reaching their highest potential without being held down by woke ideologies.

Parental Concerns and Inequity
Parents and educators have criticized the decision to remove advanced math classes in the Cambridge Public Schools district. According to the Boston Globe, parents argue that this move benefits only families with the resources to seek outside help. Jacob Barandes, a concerned parent, highlighted the inequitable consequences, stating that students from more privileged backgrounds dominate higher-level math classes, thus perpetuating disparities.

Limited Opportunities and College Readiness
The removal of advanced math classes in middle school also has implications for high school education. With Algebra 1 no longer being offered, students are deprived of the opportunity to take advanced classes that would better prepare them for college, as reported by the Boston Globe. This limitation can adversely impact students’ future prospects and undermine their chances of success.

District Response and Compromise
Responding to the backlash, the Cambridge Public Schools district has taken steps to address the concerns. The Boston Globe reported that the district plans to incorporate aspects of the Algebra 1 curriculum into eighth-grade classes. Additionally, a free online summer program will be offered to incoming ninth-grade students who wish to take the course, aiming to bridge the gap caused by its removal.

National Trend of Equity-Based Changes
The elimination of advanced courses in the name of equity is not limited to Massachusetts. Across the country, school districts are making similar decisions. The Boston Globe mentions a California high school that recently halted honors courses due to low enrollment of black and Latino students. In Nevada, a district introduced an “equitable grading” system, which diminishes the importance of homework and deadlines while providing more opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery.

The decision to remove advanced math classes in the Cambridge Public Schools district has drawn sharp criticism from parents who argue that it perpetuates inequities and limits opportunities for students. The district’s response, though addressing some concerns, may still fall short in rectifying the issues raised. The broader trend of eliminating academic standards and courses in the name of equity raises questions about the potential negative consequences for students’ education and future success.


  1. Be all that you can be. These woke jerks are doing their best to ensure that our students are unable to compete on a global scale. Countries like Japan, China , and Germany have no such nonsense going on in the classroom and their students seem to be doing just fine. These democrats in higher offices need to be ousted and the sooner the better.

  2. Chinese kids, maybe even in middle school, are studying multivariate calculus. American kids are being taught that boys can be girls and girls can be boys, and that they should hate their country, hate their school, hate their classmates, hate their families, and hate themselves.
    This cannot end well. A recent article in Science News appeared to be baffled by the increase in boys’ depression, having failed to connect that to schools indoctrinating them with the evils of toxic masculinity.

  3. Yup, Advanced Math. Classes are racist. God forbid that our kids LEARN without everything that helps them get ready for a productive life be called a White Supremacist ploy!

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  5. I believe the intent of those at the top who advocate such “equity” policies is to intentionally dumb down future generations to better enable an elite few to govern, i.e., control them.

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