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In a recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, made a statement that has subsequently been the subject of heated debate. Wray falsely asserted that the FBI does not monitor or regulate parents’ speech at school board meetings. However, a delve into the agency’s past actions contradicts this claim, prompting calls for clarity and transparency from the nation’s leading federal law enforcement agency.

In October 2021, a significant directive was issued by the Attorney General, Merrick Garland. The directive tasked the FBI with addressing incidences of harassment, intimidation, and violent threats aimed at school board members. The agency was called upon to establish a specialized task force to explore potential federal enforcement mechanisms for prosecuting these acts, even if they fell outside the scope of federal jurisdiction.

In May 2023, enlightening testimonies from former FBI Special Agents brought the agency’s involvement in government efforts targeting parents into sharp focus. The agents revealed that the FBI had employed a nationwide “threat tag” system, designating investigations related to school boards. Consequently, numerous parents had investigations opened against them, as their political views were monitored due to them exercising their fundamental constitutional right to free speech. Despite the majority of these investigations being subsequently closed and referred to state and local law enforcement, these individuals had already been labeled as threats.

Further evidence indicates that parents voicing their opinions at school board meetings and advocating for their rights have indeed been subjected to FBI investigations. Illustrative cases include a mother who was questioned by the FBI following her proclamation “we are coming for you” during a board meeting. Her association with a right-wing mothers’ group and ownership of firearms were factors that led the FBI to deem her a threat. Additional instances targeted a father opposing mask mandates and Republican state elected officials dissatisfied with vaccine mandates.

These revelations have brought to light significant concerns over how the FBI utilizes its resources and the potential infringement on individuals’ right to free speech. The stark disparity between Director Wray’s testimony and the verified investigations throws into relief the urgent need for transparency and accountability within the agency’s actions. The American public deserves a clear understanding of the extent to which the nation’s leading federal investigative agency may have overstepped its mandate.


  1. what gets me they can stand there and lie right to your face even when they know we know they are lying. and don’t talk about them being hypocrites because none of that matters to these traitors of this country and our constitution. to them it’s just an old piece of paper. God i hope one day we can kick them all out and bring the ones that need to be charged with crimes against the people and the government to justice.

  2. Christopher Wrey is a lying political hack. He uses the FBI as the Democrats personal law enforcement wing. They have become the Nazi Brown Shirts of the 30’s doing the business of the Biden Crime Family.

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  5. Wrey telling the truth ??? You’d have to be living in a cave or just completely naive to expect any kind of truth from this guy. Wrey is either a pathological or completely inept and ignorant of his own department.. ME? I’m going with him being a liar

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