Is ‘Barbie’ Truly Safe For Children? Critics Weigh In

Photo illustration of Margot Robbie in the new film "Barbie."
Photo illustration of Margot Robbie in the new film "Barbie."

Warner Bros.’ forthcoming feature, “Barbie,” starring Margot Robbie, has been promoted as a family-oriented movie, despite bearing a PG-13 rating. The rating has left some parents apprehensive, even as the movie attempts to cater to a broad audience.

Margot Robbie in a press reveal said:

“This is such a thing people say… But it was literally crafted to be for everyone. (Director Greta Gerwig) said from the beginning, ‘This is a big party and everyone is invited.’ So in that way, it really is for everyone, and the comedy plays on so many different — the whole movie plays on so many different levels.”

The PG-13 rating, as explained by Common Sense Media, is due to brief language, a non-violent cartoonish fight, and some sexually suggestive material. They recommend the movie for children 11 years and older, while praising its inclusive representation, feminist undertones, and positive depiction of the Barbie character as a resilient and compassionate role model.

The PG-13 rating is further validated by IMDb, which cites suggestive references and brief language as the primary reasons. A PG version of the movie is not anticipated at this stage.

Subtle adult language and sexual innuendos pepper the film, though they might elude a younger audience. The movie explores profound themes of life and mortality, described by USA Today as an “insightful exploration of humanity.” Despite these complex subjects, the film is being lauded as a charming and hilarious family film.

Scheduled to release in theaters on July 21, “Barbie” is expected to stimulate thoughtful discussions among viewers, in Robbie’s words, about “the meaning of life or what true happiness is.”


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