Photo edit of a Teenage girl angry after being silenced. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of a Teenage girl angry after being silenced. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

The conservative community has risen in righteous indignation on Twitter, following the alarming news of a 16-year-old girl being reprehensibly silenced by the YMCA. Her crime? Expressing concern about a transgender individual, biologically male, using the girls’ facility. Freedom is found in protecting females right to privacy and dignity.

Former competitive swimmer and current champion for female sports, Riley Gaines, publicized this egregious violation of free speech, only to be dismissed by the YMCA under the vague banner of “hate speech”.

This incident took place when the teen walked into the girl’s locker room in April, only to find a transgender person seated casually there. Appalled, she sought intervention from the head coach who, astonishingly, stated that nothing could be done. Even more shocking, without any form of consultation or parental consent, the YMCA hastily introduced a policy permitting such occurrences.

Patriots across the Twitter platform are now up in arms against the YMCA’s authoritative behavior, interpreting this issue as a covert men’s rights movement masquerading as progressivism. It is asserted that these ‘trans-inclusive’ policies are creating a gateway for individuals with harmful intentions towards women. Whilst acknowledging the right of genuine transgender individuals to live their lives freely, they point out the real danger to both biological and trans women from those who might exploit these loopholes.

The incident has triggered a vehement outcry among conservatives to dismantle the current government, deemed overly liberal and self-serving. They argue that this is a direct consequence of Democrats pushing their ‘progressive’ agenda without regard for the safety and dignity of women.

In the ensuing war of words between conservatives and liberals, conservatives maintain that respecting the privacy of biological women should be paramount. They argue that male anatomy has no place in women’s spaces, a stark contrast to liberals who seem to advocate for biological men and women to undress together under the guise of inclusivity.

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