Photo edit of President Biden.
Photo edit of President Biden.

Under a new proposed rule from the Biden administration, millions of Americans would lose access to short-term, limited-duration insurance (STLDI) healthcare plans, which offer low-cost health coverage.

Under the proposed Biden rule, Americans are prohibited from enrolling in a short-term plan for longer than three months.

Critics say the move is a scheme to eliminate competitors to government-run Obamacare, which has failed to control healthcare costs over the last decade.

“An affordable insurance option for many Americans is now under attack by the Biden Administration, whose top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to health care has only driven up insurance premiums for millions of Americans,” U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) said in a statement.

“This new Biden rule ignores the fact that short-term, limited-duration insurance coverage is used by 1.5 million Americans and the annual cost can be nearly 60 percent more affordable than the lowest cost Obamacare plan,” Smith added.

“Imposing new restrictions on short-term plans will stifle competition, drive up costs, limit the number of lower-premium options available, and in some case outright takeaway the coverage many Americans have and can afford today,” Smith continued.

“The American people, not Washington bureaucrats, should be the ones deciding what health care coverage is the best for themselves and their families. That is why Republicans have been working to give Americans more choices to pick coverage that fits their needs at a price they can afford. Just last month, the House of Representatives passed a package of legislation that gives Americans more flexibility and choices in their health care coverage and supports small businesses and workers looking to find affordable options. Those are the types of policies that will lower prices and make health care more accessible for the American people, not more Washington mandates,” Smith concluded.

The plans Biden seeks to ban have been proven to bring down healthcare costs and reduce the number of uninsured, which Obamacare has struggled to do.

“Estimates from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, and even the left-leaning Urban Institute, have shown that the proliferation of STLDI plans leads to a net decline in the number of uninsured Americans,” Americans for Prosperity reports.

“President Biden’s proposal to reduce access to affordable, short-term health insurance plans could kick millions of Americans off the coverage they enjoy and depend on,” said Dean Clancy, senior health policy fellow at Americans for Prosperity. “At a time when health insurance costs are soaring, this proposal eliminates affordable coverage options and denies people the choice they deserve. It’s an especially bad deal for younger Americans who benefit from the financial flexibility that short-term plans offer. President Biden should withdraw this ill-advised rule. If he doesn’t, Congress should reject it and protect access to an affordable coverage option that roughly 3 million Americans rely on.”


  1. Biden and the Democrats want the maximum number of people dependent on the Federal government. It’s a key element of the leftist agenda. They hate the free economic system.

  2. Obamacare has never been affordable to all Americans and dumb ass biden knows this as does Obamy he knew from the get go his health plan was a lie and still does can anyone say kickback! For once biden leave well enough alone this is our choice to make for OUR family we don’t need you to fking but in back off old man!

  3. Of course Biden blocks legitimate health insurance , to force Americans onto the communist party policy,

  4. This is how communist governments force people on government health care. Communists want to control everything in your life.

  5. This man, so called President, Biden is brain dead. Who is feeding him these nasty unamerican actions that are meant to destroy people who do not obey the new democratic, socialist, Marxist party’s orders? If this continues, we will end up as a dead country under control of socialists and idiots. Our once great United States will become a communist dump.

  6. Americans (the Conservative Voters): Hello. This “restrictive policy” by the vile obiden is yet another example of his hate and disdain for USA citizens, particularly the Middle Class. And doing anything to try to keep obummercare afloat by forcing people to choose higher cost “plans” in obummercare which do not fit their needs and COST MORE.
    obiden and his communist, fascist autocrats want to enslave all citizens rather than permit them to live free lives and choices…all afforded by our Constitution. but obiden and his regime are FOR all that is evil and contrary to American values. begone obiden, the next anti-Christ contestant behind obummer !

  7. Anything to make things difficult for Americans….and corral them into because government
    says so seems!!! They want to control your life. Take your guns, control your money, now after
    your healthcare choices……whats next????? Voices need to be heard like what do Americans
    want ……….not….JB. How about it? Contact your repts. might help…

  8. Mr. President, in name only, you are certainly not capable of doing anything correct for the country. Your brain left you long ago and you brain dead helpers keep pushing you along hoping they can open everything up to the socialist party, communist party, and every other depictable country that you can get money from. Please Mr. President, please quit and live the rest of your miserable life. Be thankful that you did not earn a suite in jail.

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