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The American Public Education system continues its accelerating decline to irrelevance and ultimately, one can only hope, ultimate demise so that it can be reborn into something that is more of an educational system and less of an indoctrination camp and sexual playground.

Although numerous studies have shown that American students at all grade levels have suffered significant educational defects from the overblown reaction to COVID, some of which continue, this does not seem to be the primary concern of the educrats running our public schools. Even liberal media outlets are voicing concern about the effects that two years of remote learning, masks, and the general fear promulgated by the teacher’s unions and their allies had on student achievement.

Even NPR noted:

And notice we’re saying “missed,” not “lost,” because the problem is that when schools went remote, kids simply did not learn as much or as well as they would have in person.

We try not to say ‘learning loss,’ because if they didn’t learn it, they didn’t lose it,” explains Ebony Lee, an assistant superintendent in Clayton County, Ga.

Not everyone agrees. Some parents who saw their kids struggle while trying to learn remotely believe “learning loss” fits — because it captures the urgency they now feel to make up for what was lost.

Although some organizations try to focus the attention on racial inequality, they actually make the situation more damning by noting that these students were already at risk and the pandemic made it even worse for them.

The pandemic has disrupted education nationwide, turning a spotlight on existing racial and economic disparities, and creating the potential for a lost generation. Even before the outbreak, students in vulnerable communities — particularly predominately Black, Indigenous, and other majority-minority areas — were already facing inequality in everything from resources (ranging from books to counselors) to student-teacher ratios and extracurriculars.

So, to overcome these gaps, are teachers working hard on reading, math and other subjects to close these gaps and give our kids a chance? NOPE, now the emphasis is on…drag queen story hour. You really can’t make this up.

In a response to Fox News Digital, a spokesperson for the School District of Philadelphia said the district is “proud to collaborate with a variety of community partners to provide an array of events and opportunities” as part of a commitment to engendering inclusivity and foster “positive academic, social and emotional outcomes for our students.”

And it’s not just teachers—state elected officials, and The Death of American Public Educationeng.

Democrats of course, are singing the praises of drag queens and gender issues to elementary school students.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel reportedly said Wednesday that “drag queens make everything better” and that there should be “a drag queen for every school” during an event in Lansing.

Nessel, who was the first openly gay person elected to statewide office in Michigan, made the comments during a civil rights conference while speaking out against what she describes as efforts to divide Americans, Craig Mauger of The Detroit News reported on Twitter.

“Drag queens make everything better. Drag queens are fun,” Nessel said, according to Mauger. 

I mean, forget that most parents do not want their kindergartners or first-graders exposed to sexually explicit or gender-bending story hours. Forget that most parents are becoming outraged that their students are not being taught to read and teachers don’t seem concerned.  It’s about priorities, and diversity for LGBTQ and drag queens clearly trumps (no pun intended) all else in the modern American public school system.

So parents face a difficult situation.  Let the public schools, often without their consent of knowledge, talk about gender and sex issues, including gender fluidity and transition or make the decision to pull them out for homeschooling or private schooling.  Increasingly, it looks like parents are doing the right thing:

All together, America’s public schools have lost at least 1.2 million students since 2020, according to a recently published national survey. State enrollment figures show no sign of a rebound to the previous national levels any time soon.

More importantly, many states are now having the money follow the student.  This is pretty much a nuclear bomb for the educrats, as it puts the control for education where it squarely belongs, in the hands of parents, not in the hands of increasingly out-of-touch and oversexualized teachers.  One can only hope this trend continues until public schools either change or pass into obsolescence.


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