Photo edit of President Joe Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of President Joe Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Joe Biden has declared his intentions to host an LGBTQ+ Pride event, scheduled this Thursday at the White House. It is forecasted to be the most significant gathering of its kind, unprecedented in the history of White House gatherings.

Reports suggest that Biden will be seizing this occasion to promulgate a range of measures that endorse transgenderism and propagate other facets of the progressive agenda.

One key subject likely to garner attention at this gathering is the alleged “book bans” currently occurring across the United States. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has been on the receiving end of most criticisms surrounding these claimed bans. However, the contents of these books are often left out of the discussion. Numerous such books are picture books aimed at children and young teens, displayed in elementary and middle schools. These books depict mature themes, at times even illustrating them. A prominent example is “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe.

Despite Kobabe’s “Gender Queer” having an age recommendation of 15 and up by Barnes & Noble, and 18 and up by Amazon, this book was created in a child-like style and made available in schools for children to access. The book includes illustrations of explicit sexual activities and relationships between teenagers and adults. As a consequence, over 50 school districts in the United States have banned the book, a move deemed justifiable considering its content.

“Gender Queer” would go on to receive an award from the American Library Association, recognizing it as a work of “special interest to teens.”

Publicly supporting the obscene book, Chelsea Clinton voiced her opinion on Twitter, stating:

“Over 50% of the attempted book bans last year involved books with LGBTQ+ characters & themes. Books are a vital way that children, adolescents and adults learn about themselves and our world. Bans such as these are nothing but harmful:”

In response, a Biden spokesman said:

“There’s a rising trend of book bans throughout the country. It appears that LGBTQI+ and communities of color are disproportionately targeted. These are not just attacks on the rights of LGBTQI+ Americans but a concerted attack on our democracy.”

The narrative of these so-called “bans” has been weaponized by liberals, both in the US and abroad, presenting the decisions to remove certain books from children’s sections as evidence of systemic hatred against them.

However, critics contend that the content in these books is often explicit and not appropriate for young readers. They point out that despite the removal from children’s sections, these books typically remain available in other sections of the library.


  1. Taxpayers should NEVER foot the bill as crazy as this. If he needs to help others, start with the Greatest generation…our legal senior citizens.

  2. it is not book banning to remove these books of child porn when these donkey holes are committing pedophilia by placing of gay porn in k through 12 school libraries.
    commie democrat bunch of lying pedophiles destroying America for china.

  3. brac obama redefined marriage. God created man, woman and marriage and brac redefined it. God help him for such ignorance as he will be held to a higher standard. All of these people redefining words and running roughshod over Americans will be held to a higher standard. I have NEVER seen so much evil from dimocrats in my life! I have great news though, in the end, God wins!!!

  4. How did the article about the exorbitant cost of the gay parade turn into book banning? Bait and switch???

  5. This is why we can’t balance a budget and our nation is in a mess with division between black and white, vaccinated and unvaccinated, illegals and citizens and now LGBT. Guess Biden’s promise of unting this country (and of course finding a cure for cancer) was a lie like everythng else

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