Photo edit of the transgender flag. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of the transgender flag. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

In a refreshing return to common sense, the latest poll from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) reveals an increasing majority of Americans — a resounding 65% — affirm the long-standing belief in the gender binary: male and female. This is a marked rise from 2021’s 59%, proving that traditional perspectives on gender aren’t going extinct.

This resurgence of support isn’t isolated to one party, with both Republicans and Democrats moving towards favoring the binary view. A tremendous 90% of Republicans now stand firm on the binary, with a surprising 44% of Democrats joining them, up from 38% just two years ago. Independents are also on board, with 66% nodding to the two-gender view.

Among generations, Gen Z stands out with a significant turnaround from a 43% endorsement of the binary to a 57% endorsement within two years.

On the education front, a telling 34% of Americans oppose teaching same-sex relationships in schools, signifying that the push for inclusion may have been a step too far for many. Concerns about teaching transgenderism in K-12 schools were equally strong, with 36% against it in any form. A majority 53% perceive an overreach by public schools into parental rights.

As we discern the pulse of the nation, these results suggest that Americans are longing for a return to time-tested norms and values, rather than the chaotic redefinition of foundational concepts. The constant clamor over gender and pronouns is being seen as excessive, even among those with LGBTQ relations.

This poll delivers a powerful message: the majority of America is ready to step back from the precipice of radical gender theory and return to rational, grounded discussions about who we are as men and women. Let’s embrace this return to reason with open arms.


  1. Boycott the main stream media press. They are the ones publicizing all this negative crap keeping it in our faces 24/7. Making it seem a larger issue than it really is. Pay no attention to these clowns and we will have a happier, simpler life. Eventually they will have to adapt or die……….Preferably the latter……..

  2. What makes me smile is knowing that all these low life scumbags will spend eternity in Hell
    literally suffering every minute for ever and ever…

  3. Damn Straight and yes PUN intended.
    People are sick of being Obama’s Depp Throat Recipient and we have had enough.
    He is wicked and demonic and Biden is the demented puppet used to pull the strings that Obama put in place.
    Are you sick of BLM?
    Are you sick of killing innocent Americans so they can make room for illegal aliens?
    Are you sick of your social security whether collecting or waiting tote collected NO LONGER ABLE to sustain itself from the Usurpation and Thievery done by the UNIPARTY?
    All of these are issues where there IS NO REPRESENTATION for Americans – there is only sustaining the Corrupt who rob and rape you and enjoy doing it

  4. Queers, Trannies, Baby Rapists, and other deviants do not belong in normal society. However, in this day and age the majority of democrats fall into one of these categories. Of course they are getting enough money from China to destroy the USA. They better hope that doesn’t happen as the Chinese put homosexuals to death.

  5. I thought it would be a higher number, but still strong enough to slow down the sickos who push this garbage.

  6. girls are girls and boys are not so gay is gay and trans gendering is mental illness, you don’t have to mutilate your body to be gay.

  7. I don’t know how parents aren’t 99% against this kind of indoctrination to their children.
    Mental illness runs deep and is the cause of 95% of the violence and major issues in this country

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