Photo illustration of three female Marines. Picryl.
Photo illustration of three female Marines. Picryl.

A female National Guard recruits consideration to resign due to enforced showering and living conditions with a transgender person has raised serious concerns over military policies. The 18-year-old recruit was reportedly forced to shower with a transgender individual, biologically male but identifying as female, and sleep between two individuals in the process of transitioning from male to female.

Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) brought attention to this issue during a recent hearing. He voiced the recruit’s fears about expressing her discomfort and potential retaliation, thus highlighting the pressing need to reconsider current integration policies, saying”

“I’m aware of a situation; it was just brought to my attention — a young woman in the South Dakota National Guard experienced a situation at basic training, where she was sleeping in open bays and showering with biological males who had not had gender reassignment surgery, but were documented as females because they have begun the drug therapy process.”

Adding, “This 18-year-old girl was uncomfortable with her situation, but had limited options on how to deal with it. If she raised her hand, she feared she’d be targeted for retaliation. She could have recycled which would have delayed her freshman college start and would not have provided a guarantee of a different situation. She could request to leave the Guard for religious purposes and not be able to pursue her dream of serving our country.”

Gen. CQ Brown, the Biden administration’s nominee for chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admitted that while ensuring inclusivity, it is crucial not to make others uncomfortable, suggesting that policy improvement is needed.

This incident has sparked heated debate on the appropriateness of current military policies concerning transgenders.

Senator Rounds criticized the Biden administration’s policies, attributing the discomfort experienced by the recruit to its progressive agenda. He linked this discomfort to potential hindrances in meeting recruitment goals, implying a correlation with the President’s executive order integrating transgender individuals into the military.


  1. So did the guy who thinks he’s a girl wake up poking her with a hard on or is he on Estrogen therapy to put an end to that? Enquiring minds want answers. And one more thing, how does anyone fight for the military on hormone therapy? Do they carry a little cooler around for their hormones and shoot up in the dugouts every morning? So many unanswered questions.

  2. Who and How do Transgenders(If that word describes the Cult accurately) engage with Sexually? How will Normal people know if these Mentally Challenged individuals are “Real” or just Perverts attempting to get “Up Close and Personal” with Girl’s and Women’s areas of “Privacy or Sports”

    Why, if this cult is one half of one percent of the population does it receive so much attention?

    Why are some Physicians and some “So Called Educators” questioning children of a “Tender age” as to “How they Identify” which confuses the Hell out of Children who don’t understand this or are too young to even assign any reality to this question? Why is Grooming being allowed in schools when Actual Learning is sidelined in favor of this “Indoctrination” and telling these children to keep any and all these things from their “Parents” when these actions should be reported immediately once exposed because this is Criminally Abusing Children when they are just there to Learn, Not to be Abused!

  3. maybe that gen. brown should be court martialed for his stupid ingorance of military rules and regs.

  4. No one should ever be put in this situation.They have intentionally placed this women in a dangerous and immoral situation.

  5. aren’t they so proud of their commie democrat mentally ill lying pedophiles that are destroying America for china.

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