Photo edit of California State Senator Scott Weiner. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of California State Senator Scott Weiner. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

California Democrats have recently put forth legislation that proposes granting therapists the authority to supersede parental rights for children as young as 12. Many have legitimate concerns about the new bill because it shares a co-author, state senator Scott Wiener, with another bill that sought to restrict custody for parents who do not support their child’s self-identified gender. Although the new bill does not explicitly refer to “gender identity,” Wiener’s involvement raises apprehension based on his previous legislative actions.

Wiener’s past actions speak volumes. He previously advocated for a bill that compelled foster parents in California to affirm their foster children’s transgender identities. Additionally, he championed a controversial bill suggesting that parents’ rejection of their child’s transgender identity could result in the loss of custody. As if that wasn’t enough, he authored a law that granted temporary jurisdiction to California courts over minors seeking hormonal or transition treatments from outside the state.

Many parents vehemently criticize it as an “emancipation of 12-year-olds” and a “dangerous” overreach. Concerns loom large that this legislation could be exploited by troubled children seeking to escape their homes. Regrettably, these genuine apprehensions have been hastily and irresponsibly dismissed by Democratic lawmakers as false information.

In this audacious new realm envisioned by the bill, therapists, including interns or trainees, would not even be required to justify the gravity of a child’s situation before relocating them to a “residential shelter.” No regard for the child’s maturity or the ramifications of separating them from their family seems to be necessary. Parents may even find themselves completely unaware of such drastic disruptions in their children’s lives.


  1. Scott Weiner would luv to take custody of all the preteen boys the State will rip away from their parents from his sick, perverted, sinister, godless legislation…

  2. It would be great to see the state of California sink into the Pacific Ocean. There appears to be no redeeming value to that state!!

  3. Democraps prove that they have WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER overflowing their otherwise empty skulls and out their ever FLAPPING lips when they say things like this. They prove it even more so when they pass a bill like this. This proves what I have been advocating should happen. To end North Korea from causing problems all over the world President Trump once he gets back in office or which ever REAL REPUBLICAN gets in office should allow North Korea to NUKE the San Andreas Fault line. This would do two things HOPEFULLY. The first give North Korea bragging rights. The second is with GOD ‘S blessing drop Southern Commiepornia and the western parts of both Washington and Oregon into the Ocean ending the IGNORANCE of that area from dropping America’s collective IQ so many points.

  4. These degenerate democrats ” won’t be satisfied until one of them loses an eye”. Or better yet, two.

  5. Why just think we can put them in to reeducation facilities and mold them in to being good little citizens. Of course we will have to filter out the ones that are not genetically sound perhaps they can be trained to do menial tasks. But the State knows better than anyone on how a child should be raised and what they can do to help make a better society.
    If this sounds familiar it should I just borrowed the Idea from other leaders in history.

  6. The trans loving politicians in Sacramento should be removed from office and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

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