NYC "Drag March" where "Were coming for your children" was chanted by LGBTQ activists.
NYC "Drag March" where "Were coming for your children" was chanted by LGBTQ activists.

LGBTQ activists are defending drag queen marchers who chanted “We’re coming for your children” during a parade in New York City. They argue that the chant has been taken out of context and has been used for years, although there is no verifiable evidence to support this claim.

Rather than being a “pride” chant, it seems more like a vague threat aimed at influencing children. Some activists contend that the chant is meant to satirize criticism of the LGBTQ community and reclaim the power of derogatory language. However, their actions seem to inadvertently strengthen the arguments put forth by LGBTQ critics, as they persist in attempting to influence children despite the criticism they face.

The phrase “Coming for your children” is not historically associated with any LGBTQ chants. In the 1990s, the original chants commonly used included “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it,” and “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re not going shopping.” However, the chant “We’re coming for your children” was not mentioned until recently. It came into focus when some participants of the NYC Drag March, despite the presence of children, chose to wear minimal clothing and began their chant.

The chant “We’re coming for your children” seems to have originated from the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir, a group known for its controversial performance of a song bearing the same title back in 2021, two years ago.

In a surprise that should come to no one, The San Francisco Men’s Choir, the group behind the song “We’re Coming For Your Children,” has been embroiled in a series of pedophilia accusations. Several members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, who featured in a now-deleted YouTube video where they pledged to influence children to embrace LGBTQ identities, have been convicted of pedophilia, as reported by The Western Journal.


  1. I’m waiting for that person that posts on here to say, “What have we done to make you angry at us”? Here is one example.

  2. All LGBT activists are out coming for normal people’s children. New Tork perverts following San Francisco’s gay choir which also said they would corrupt our children. Strangely this follows Michael Swift’s ‘Gay Manifesto’, published in 1987. It is easy to google, but be forewarned, it may make you sick to your stomach.

  3. It’s OK, they’re Demonrats right? I’m sure they think molestation & beastiality is OK too! What the hell is next?

  4. These people should be very careful what they say , because there are more of us than them. There pride parades have become a joke, circus!! Don’t poke mama and papa bears!!

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