For two months in a row, a majority of Democrats are showing to be concerned with the now almost 80–year-old President Biden’s mental health. The Issues & Insights/TIPP survey of 1,376 adults released Monday showed 64% of Americans are either “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” with Biden’s mental health. This is 5 points higher since Democrats were polled in August.

During Biden’s 2020 run, his mental health was a huge question mark. President Trump would eventually mention the frequent mistakes when speaking, and what appeared to be an overall lack of awareness and energy. Since being elected, Biden has been seen walking around aimlessly on stage, and the speech gaffes haven’t stopped, leading many to think this is more than a stutter (as his team claimed) and wondering if the United States of America has a mentally incompetent President.

But the percentage of Democrats now concerned about Biden’s mental lapses leaped 13 points in two months. Virtually all of October’s gain came from Democrats, who went from just 39% expressing ‘concern’ over Biden’s mental health in August, a high number in itself, to 52% in the latest poll,” the pollsters wrote.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Is Biden’s mental infirmity a danger to this country? Is it time for the president, who turns 80 next month, to be tested by competent medical experts and have the results openly released to allay public fears?” said the pollsters.

They also pointed out numerous recent gaffes by Biden.

“Recent video snippets show Biden wandering off stage, apparently lost, after speaking briefly; forgetting the name of the Declaration of Independence, the nation’s founding document; not remembering that a congresswoman he was honoring at a ceremony was in fact dead, asking Where’s Jackie (Walorski)?’; invoking the possibility of nuclear ‘Armageddon’ after Vladimir Putin’s military suffered setbacks in Ukraine; and so on.”

On September 28, Biden delivered a speech at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health in Washington, D.C. He recognized those involved in the effort, including Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN).

In his shout-outs, Biden said: “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? She must not be here.”

She wasn’t there because Walorski is dead. She died, along with three others, in a head-on car crash on August 3.

Biden, 79, had clearly forgotten that Walorski had died, even though on the day of her death, the White House released a statement from the president mourning her.

When presented with the gaffes and reminded, it’s impossible not to have questions about President Biden’s mental cognition.

George W. Bush wasn’t a great public speaker, he often made gaffes and messed up everyday sayings. However, in the case of former President Bush, no one assumed his mental abilities were failing him, even those who questioned his intelligence never assumed he was showing signs of dementia.

These “gaffes” that President Biden regularly makes aren’t due to a stutter, poor public speaking skills, or anything of that nature. President Biden is showing obvious signs that his mental state isn’t in a good place, examples such as; forgetting recent deaths, losing track of what he was saying, and making long drawn out points that make little to no sense are signs that his age has caught up to him. It does the American people no good to continue to tell them that everything is okay and hide the President’s cognition.


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  2. 64% of Democrats is still “pretty low”, 100% of Republicans/Conservatives believe he has mental health problems!

  3. This what the demoncrats asked for and achieved. May the history of his presidency stay in the minds of voters for decades to come.

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