Madonna, now 64 years old, made a TikTok that shows her showing something toward a trash can with the caption “If I miss, I’m Gay!”. The object fell short of hitting the can, and Madonna simply shrugs once the camera is aimed towards her again.

While this, of course, is not definitive – it would be strange to wager coming out as gay, then miss, then just roll with it and upload the video if Madonna wasn’t trying to come out as being gay.

According to TMZ:

Madge has signaled she may be into women … not just with public comments, but with her actions too. She’s locked lips with a few notable ladies over the course of her career — including Nicki Minaj, but more memorably … Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

It was a highlight during the 2003 VMAs … when she famously kissed both Britney and Christina onstage — which she later explained as passing the Queen of Pop torch. Madonna kissed Britney again this year during her wedding, recreating the moment.

Of course, Madonna has only been in relationships with men … as far as we know, anyway. She’s been romantically linked to a ton of celebs over the years — including Dennis Rodman, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice and others.

It’s not unlikely that Madonna is attracted to women. While she has had her share of on-stage kisses with other women, TMZ reports that Madonna is “obsessed” with sex, and regrets both of her previous marriages. 

The now 64-year-old pop star may be trying to grab attention and maintain relevance by raising questions and headlines about her sexuality and sex life. After losing relevance throughout the years, as almost all aging stars can expect to, Madonna could just be attempting to utilize social media to keep attention and money coming in.


  1. Personally I think she should crawl back into the Closet and have someone brick it over. Her being Gay or not that is what she should do. It would make the World a little bit better.

  2. If I had the opportunity in 2003 to kiss both Britney and Christina fondly on stage, I wouldn’t hesitate.

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