Leftist New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently doubled down on his immigration hypocrisy. The mayor of the illegal alien “sanctuary city” declared a state of emergency as illegal aliens continue being bused from Texas to the Big Apple. He has repeatedly bragged about the city being a sanctuary for illegals. Now, he is flip-flopping big time.

Eric Adams declared a state of emergency due Friday due to New York City’s migrant crisis now flooding homeless shelters. New York City’s homelessness has spiked in recent years, going up by thousands in just the past decade, along with a raise in crime throughout the city. Now, Eric Adams is forced to admit that his city can’t handle what Democrats have been putting southern through for decades.

The Daily Wire reports:

“This is a humanitarian crisis that started with violence and instability in South America and is being accelerated by American political dynamics,” Adams said. “Thousands of asylum-seekers have been bused into New York City and simply dropped off without notice, coordination, or care — and more are arriving every day.”

“This crisis is not one of our own making, but one that will affect everyone in this city,” he continued, noting that many of the asylum-seekers could not legally work in the United States and would need far more than a few meals or a bed for a night or two — and he argued that took resources away from New Yorkers in need.

“New Yorkers are angry. I’m angry, too. We have not asked for this,” he added. “There was never any agreement to take on the job of supporting thousands of asylum seekers.”

The City has thus far designated 42 hotels to serve as temporary homeless shelters while enrolling over 5,000 illegal immigrant children in the appropriate schools. He says the city is set to spend $1 billion to manage the illegal immigrant influx.


  1. Southern cities didn’t ask for the flood of migrants either, and have been expected to handle it on their own, while the larger cities have been claiming to be “sanctuary cities”, just as long as they didn’t actually have to be a sanctuary…

  2. So did Red States like Texas and Florida agree to take on the job of supporting millions of illegal immigrants as Democrats would prefer so although they are the ones shouting from the pulpits that they are for supporting illegals.

    The fact is you Democrat politicians only want their votes but not the problems that come with it.

  3. Maybe it’s time for Joey and Kamala to visit the Border and stop the Invasion, because it is up to them to stop it

  4. Eric Adams is obviously a liar. He, and his party certainly did ask for this! They declare themselves a sanctuary City. Corrupt Democrat Party leaders need to be held accountable for their hypocrisy, and destructive policies all across our nation.

  5. Well, this poor excuse for a mayor should address his anger to a demented puppet in the White House who opened the flood of illegals in the first place !! Many of the invaders are criminals, Terrorists ,child molesters, etc… bringing dangerous diseases from over 150 countries in the first place

  6. You did ask for it when you said NY was a Sanctuary city. Stop whining and look at what Texas has had to put up with.

  7. This shit head is crying about taking in a few thousand illegals while Texas and Arizona are dealing with thousands per day…He says no problem for other states proves what hypocrites the left leadership are…

  8. Does he think all the border states have the obligation of being the only ones responsible for all the illegal invaders. He should be asking biden to provide emergency funding to the border states or at the very enforce our current laws.

  9. But Mayor Adams, you declared NYC a sanctuary city. All these illegal Migrants are looking for is sanctuary.
    You made your bed now you need to sleep in it. You don’t rate sympathy. Now you have the diversity and equity you have been preaching to everyone else in the country. Thank your boy Brandon.

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