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As a fellow Marine Corps officer, I have been an admirer of James Mattis. I believe he is a great Marine, an outstanding general officer, and was a pretty good Defense Secretary.

Until last week I was also impressed by his integrity and professionalism in not criticizing his former boss, President Donald Trump. Sadly, the latter changed after Mattis’ published broadside against Trump during the DC “protests.”

While I may agree with some of the criticisms of Trump’s rhetoric, or actions, in response to the violent riots only a couple of hundred yards from the White House, they were far from “authoritarian” or in any way endangered our Constitutional Republic.

However, with his over the top hyperbole, and personal attacks, Mattis, and the other former generals denouncing the sitting Commander in Chief are doing as much to damage the Constitutional order, and the sacred principle of civilian control of the military, as they claim Trump is doing.

Unless you were near the White House during the riots, it is difficult to see things from Trump’s perspective. I was at “ground zero” in Lafayette Square on Sunday night May 31 supporting a foreign TV news crew during the violent rioting by a massive mob. (RELATED: Anti-Police Protests in D.C. Turn Violent [VIDEO])

This was the third night of rioting and the situation was chaotic and dangerous. “Protesters” were firing large numbers of incendiary fireworks at the police, throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks, starting fires, and burning vehicles.

Our cameraman was violently assaulted by rioters and given a concussion. I was forced to intervene to protect the crew. The scene reminded me of a third world revolt and was the worst I had ever seen in DC.

I was also concerned about the ability of the lines of riot police in the park to hold back the angry mob of thousands from crashing into the White House fence less than a hundred yards behind them.

According to Bloomberg, the Secret Service said clashes occurred alongside the outer ring of temporary fencing along the edge of the park, leading to six arrests and “multiple” injuries among Secret Service police.  One report put the number of Secret Service injured on Sunday at 14. Law enforcement was also concerned about the danger of possible car bombs near the White House.

Clearly, the Secret Service believed the threat was serious and earlier on Friday night despite Trump’s denials reportedly rushed POTUS and First Lady Melania into the underground White House bunker known as the Presidential Emergency Operations Center. This decision is not made lightly.

The White House is a well-defended place during normal times, but it is not a fortress designed to withstand an assault by violent mobs. Until additional federal law enforcement units, national guard and DC Metropolitan Police were able to forcefully expand the perimeter beyond Lafayette Park on Monday, the White House was simply not secure.

President Trump was rightfully concerned by what he saw right outside the White House, and in cities across the country. His instinct was to make a show of force to stop the chaos and violence in the nation’s capital. His legal and Constitutional vehicle to bring in federal troops would have been the 1807 Insurrection Act.

Whether that would have been a good call can be debated. I agree with Defense Secretary Mark Esper that the Act should only be used as a “last resort,” and thankfully was ultimately not needed. But its use is also not unprecedented in modern times.

SEE ALSO: Defense Secretary Publicly Opposes Insurrection Act [VIDEO]

President George H.W. Bush invoked it to send federal troops to California during the Los Angeles riots in 1992. It is a lawful option the President has at his disposal.

It is useful and healthy to have a debate about the best use of the Insurrection Act, and we should but it’s not helpful for former generals to demonize the president for considering invoking the Act as rioters are burning the streets outside the White House.

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  1. I wondered if Gen Mattis was being paid big bucks on MSM to be against our President. I do not criticize POTUS for tweeting because that is the only way to get his voice out there. Even that they twist his words. I believe he is the hardest working President we have had in a long time. He has worked for ALL people trying to bring better things. I believe more than ever, that there is truly a Deep State working overtime to bring him down.

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    2. With enough money paid under the table,almost any body can be bought.I wonder who paid mattis,mikie bloomburgler or georgie soreasss.

    3. Francis , I agree with you 100% and I hope after President Trump is re-elected he can get rid of more of the Dangerous Deep State people ! They are sickening and such a Danger to Our Country !! Our President has Always put Our Citizens and this Great Country First , which is the opposite of these Deep State Creeps !!

    4. SEVEN DAYS IN MAY just a movie, but there is a great similarity. It started here in 2016 and continues. Former Presidents, Congressmen, Senators, and Generals are forming a collation with the Fake news media fanning the flames to overthrow our government. It is not an illusion. It is real, and is unfolding day by day, and spreading from city to city. If our Governors refuse to activate the guard, and have them back up law enforcement, to empty the streets of protestors, and looters, America will fall from within. Trump may have to act, but will be criticized for it if he does. He needs to fire that sellout four star general. Pardon Flynn and promote him to a four star general, and let him take Miley’s place. They are trying to force the issue because they fear Trump will win in November.

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  3. The primary duty of the military is to protect the United States,
    not wage useless wars all over the World.

    1. The purpose of our military is to keep conflict away from our shores. We did this in both World Wars and Korea, we mistakenly followed the Democrat Johnson into Vietnam, but were right in retaliating after 9/11. Would you rather be fighting on our own soil and in our own cities?

  4. They did not call him “Mad Dog” for no reason. These Generals seem to forget who is the Supreme Commander and why. He was voted in to that position. They are under his command and are usurping their authority kind of like the movie Seven Days In May. The Fake News Media is our major Enemy of the State. They want to control our thinking, and our every desire. We have many Racist, bigoted, discrimatory Organizations which need to be dealt with. They are the KKK, The White Supremist, the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, the Black Caucus, the Progressives, and all socialist, communist, and Muslim groups. All of these groups and more should be classified as racist, and discrimatory. They are enemies of Democracy, the Republic, and freedom as we know it. But, it seems like most folks can not clearly see that fact. Hope you guys and gals are not in that can’t see out of one eye and am blind in the other eye person. If you are not deaf, and dumb, surely you can see (or hear) that these groups, along with the atheist, and agnostics, are trying to destroy this country, our constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

  5. Globalist Soros and his minions the Deep State **** Commie liberal party, MSM (Fake news) , Antifa, CIA, FBI, Hollywood Rats, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, The useful idiots, RINOs etc…are responsible for this rioting and destruction throughout the country. This treasonous act should not go unpunished! It’s about time these deep State rats are held accountable! Patriots, we need to save the country from turning into another Commie shit hole just like all the other lib run cities!!

  6. These Generals are woefully ignorant of the constitution of the United States of America and it seems like the uniform code of Military Justice! These generals are traitors against the citizens and the constitution of the United States of America and should be tried, stripped of their ranks and summarily executed for their crimes!

  7. All of these Army and Marine Generals who are against The President of the united States are GUILTY of MUTINY and should be Sent to Deago Garcia or GITMO for Military Tribunals.

  8. Stars. Generals and Admirals wear lots of them. You may wonder how they’re earned. So do I since, as a friend pointed out recently, the last war we won was WW2. Most of those ribbons just tell you where that person has been. I met some French paratroopers back in the ’60s who wore Dien Bien Phu jump badges. Courage and success are not the same measure.

  9. Anarchy? 6-9-20: House candidate Kim Olson (D-Texas) a retired Air Force Col. said during a live digital event on Tuesday, shown in a clip obtained by the Washington Examiner: ‘Disband all police departments, if people loot, so what, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation burn it to the ground, just burn the cities to the ground”.

    Insurrection? 6-10-20: Washington state Governor Jay Inslee (D), told President Trump late Wednesday night to “stay out of Washington state’s business”. Inslee who earlier Wednesday said he did not know that parts of Seattle were occupied by armed anarchists who established a six block area they call the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” with armed guards controlling access and shaking down businesses.

    Coup? 6-11-20: Democratic Presidential Candidate ex V.P. Joe Biden calls on Military to Drag Trump Out Of Whitehouse.

    Insurrection? 6-12-20: Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) and Congresswoman Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Seattle) Taunt President Trump Over Armed Anarchist Occupation of the city of Seattle.

    FACT: The President of the United States is legally allowed to invoke Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, aka: “The Insurrection Act” procuring a suitable recourse for prosecuting treasonous acts against the Republic and which would enable him “to put down Lawlessness, Insurrection, Rebellion and Coup.” It’s high time it be put into use!

  10. Now it does seem like everyone has an opinion, that is exactly why this person wrote this article, so I suppose anyone else is entitled to their opinion. Now I suppose this Marine Officer knows more than the intelligence persons embedded in the protest, and any one who says theyu are or were not there is blind to how the intlligence agencies work, Now they are disagreeing with this Marine Officer as to what was occuring when the Square was cleared. This includes persons from the Pentagon who were present at the time of th clearing. Maybe this Marine should go back to their clearical duties because he would likely be killed in combat with decisions made like he expressed here.

  11. We all make mistakes, we all have our opinion, but the worthy also admit when they are wrong. I also take Trumps side, Protests are one thing and any peaceful protest should be protected, but when bricks, fireworks, stones that can injure the protesters or those trying to control it starts then it needs to be stopped. Unfortunately the Protester either can’t stop it, do not want to stop it or approve of it and that is when it goes out of control, so getting under control is vital. This theory of Trump looking to be a monarch, dictator, or the like is just another left wing, ploy. Also the theory of Trump refusing the leave the WH if not elected is also Fear mongering. Obama should be taunted as not wanting to leave the WH, and the questioning of having the possibility of Obama serving a third term is prof.

    But lets not forget the silent majority, if the left pushes the wrong buttons that they seem to think is appropriate at this time, and make the wrong power move, real “CHANGE” will take place.

  12. One must remember you have a right to peacefully protect but that does not mean to loot, burn destroy and do harm to other people and their possessions. THIS INSANITY MUST STOP BECAUSE IT WILL LEAD TO EVEN WORSE CIRCUMSTANCES. All of us being white,black,olive,brown are entitled to our opinions but you do not have a right to force your opinions on anyone else…………….this must be addressed also.


  13. C’mon people we’re still in the throes of the pandemic and trying to recover. Those who have lost their businesses because of the lock down may never reopen. These riots have destroyed the potential for those who survived. This is not how to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Every body deserves their place in the Sun. One way to achieve justice is to put the rioters to work and make them rebuild what they destroyed. If they don’t know how to build, teach them. It just might work.


  14. I respected Mattis for his service to America but I lost respect for him for staying SILENT as rogue FBI higher-ups called General Mike Flynn a traitor and “Russian asset’…..Mattis and Kelly knew it wasn’t true but stayed SILENT….SHAME on both of them…

  15. All the long-term government workers in DC (from generals to postal workers) have become just like like the career politicians. They make far more money than the rest of the nation’s workers and have more benefits. Consequently they think they know more than any of the real working class of people in the heartland. Replace them all with tried & true workers with experience who are from the ranks of real Americans without political connections. That would return us to workers who get things done because they have walked the walk to provide for themselves & their families

  16. Upon hearing of Mattis’ antics, my first thoughts went to a 1964 movie starring Burt Lancaster as a general who orchestrated a colossal coup attempt. It demonstrated clearly for anyone with two strands that the U.S. President is the Commander in Chief.

    As such, all members of the military are subordinate, respectful and obedient. Mattis was the Secretary of Defense and his authority over the U.S. military was second only to that of the president. Cooperation for such positions is paramount. I wonder if he thought of a coup.

  17. I believe General Mattis either does not support his Commander in Chief politically or he simply has not made a pervasive assessment of the conditions currently plaguing our Country. The terror organization ANTIFA is well-structured and well-funded with the objective of using terror to divide the U.S. into two groups – the lawless and the law-abiding. I hope that General Mattis has not made the decision to join the weak but has merely not completely assessed current conditions.

  18. I agree with every single word, but I think it’s worse than that.

    Gen Mattis once said he’s the one who keeps people up at night (referring to our enemies). Now I have to say he’s the one that keeps ME up at night, getting involved in an area he shouldn’t. Combined with all the Generals who have ‘spoken out’, this is as close to a military coup I’ve ever seen and hope never to see again. Biden is out there saying “Former Joint Chiefs ripped Trump’s face off” as if that’s a good thing.

    I’m also concerned that these Generals care more about their ‘image’ than they are protecting citizens of this country from arsonists, looters and violence during the riots. Somehow they are buying into the left wing narrative that we are using ‘military force’ against ‘peaceful’ protestors. I know they can’t be that ignorant, at least I hope not.

    It’s not the first time police needed help getting mobs under control, but the way it’s being covered, you’d think we have an authoritarian President not unlike those found in authoritarian or totalitarian nation-states. Give me a break.

  19. History forgotten again,The King Riots the 82nd was brought in( (1969) I was standby at Ft Dix to go to Newark. This is what leftists want (Forget History) so they can rewrite it..

  20. Remember – the generals and retired generals of today were all ‘nurtured’ under BHO. They are all a legacy of the ‘fundamentally transform America’ and military social justice milieu.

    You can put Colin Powell in that heap as well. In addition to being a RINO Powell has very strong political ambitions. A true politician in every sense Powell always talks much says little.

    Upstart generals are nothing new – Truman put MacArthur in his place, but this amount of overt arrogance is something new and dangerous.

  21. Good point in this article. Civilian control of the military is a critical element of traditional American government. These retired generals are acting outside their scope. Trump was doing nothing wrong. This pack of RETIRED generals should stay retired and leave the work of governing to those elected to do it.

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