Helmets and body armor belonging to Soldiers of the 100th Brigade Support Battalion from Fort Sill, Okla., are lined up prior to departure at the passenger terminal at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, in preparation for unit’s flight to Afghanistan. The 100th BSB, an active-component unit from Fort Sill, Okla., was repositioned from Iraq to Afghanistan on March 28 to provide logistical support to coalition forces there. Via Wikimedia Commons.

President Joe Biden’s proposed defense budget has caused a stir as it includes a reduction in the number of active-duty soldiers requested by the US Army. The Army has requested funding for 452,000 active-duty soldiers, which is 21,000 fewer than last year’s initial request. The Army National Guard and Army Reserve will include 325,000 and 174,000 soldiers, respectively. The Army is currently facing significant challenges in recruitment, and within the next 11 weeks, they need to attract between 27,000 and 33,000 new soldiers to meet their end-strength goals. To combat this, the Army has set aside $10 billion for improving barracks and housing and has revamped its marketing strategy to attract new recruits.

The compromise version of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, which was approved by both the House and Senate, has caused the US Army to shrink by 33,000 soldiers, a 6% decrease in just one year. Although the Army requested the cut, it may have been due to concerns about asking for pay and benefits for soldiers they feared they would not be able to recruit. By cutting their end strength now, the Army may be able to avoid the negative publicity that accompanied its failure to meet recruitment goals last year.

However, the Army’s cut in end strength to only 452,000 soldiers limits its ability to recruit and deploy forces. The Army has previously had to lower standards to increase its size when needed, but with recruitment challenges at their worst, the Army will have less manpower and money to address the crisis. The Army will have less flexibility to deploy recruiters and smaller recruiting goals, with no incentive or ability to make up for lost ground. Attracting able-bodied men and women to the military remains a challenge.

Despite these challenges, the Army is continuing to develop and field major platforms in several categories, including robotic combat vehicles, new helicopters, futuristic mixed-reality goggles, a new rifle, and machine guns. Senior leaders aim to increase the Army’s forces back to 485,000 active-duty soldiers, with projections indicating an increase of 4,000 troops per year in the next fiscal year’s request. However, cutting the Army’s end strength to 452,000 soldiers may ultimately jeopardize US national security by limiting the Army’s ability to recruit and deploy sufficient forces. The Army is facing its most challenging recruitment obstacles in decades, and the reduction in end strength only exacerbates these issues. The Army must address its recruitment challenges quickly to ensure the country’s security.


    1. With the way the left has screwed up our government, and degraded our military, it’s no wonder they’re having a hard time finding people to fill the ranks. When obama drove out all the real military leaders, and replaced them with political yes men, it’s been down hill ever since. Looking at how badly the liberals have destroyed our country it makes me wonder if my 26 years of military service was worth it. If we don’t purge every left wing democrat from our government, while we still have the chance, we may well see the end of these United States of America.

  1. Don’t worry, this won’t effect the levels of incompetent generals and staff in the Pentagon. Those will maintain the levels required to implement CRT, WOKE, and DEI policies. Nothing is better for readiness a well indoctrinated warrior.

  2. The problem is not housing, barracks, or recruitment strategy. The problem is that doofus in the White House and his focus on woke indoctrination instead of military preparedness.

    1. We, as a country, need to hope that we really don’t get into any direct conflict and need ground troops to fight on more than one front. Some how we need to get these left wing democrats purged from our government while we still are able to do that. If left in power they will destroy our constitutional republic.

  3. Gee, I wonder why kids don’t want to join the Army today. Could it be that soldiers were forced to take the clot shot? Could it bee that biological men and women shower in the same room? Or could it be that Democrats hate and have no pride for this country?

  4. Biden’s agenda doesn’t include America and it’s citizens.His agenda is like the svb bank,Democrat run into the ground ,but making sure you get rich/richer.Obama set the 2009 agenda for a Mentally Dysfunctional c rook to finish as Trump ruined the planand Hillary lost.

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